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    Had a working/stable game with my previous Win 10 install (lost to a corrupted boot sector) Fresh Win 10 install and Fresh GTA V install with all the previous mods now getting consistent crash/freeze around the Lacey Jones mission area
    Event Viewer: Faulting module path: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\clr.dll
    I can post my SHV logs if need be. I am hoping there is a fix for this? No crash when I remove the files from the directory (no issues with SHV either) but for some reason now getting consistent crashes

    Please advise

    24 de Abril de 2020
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    @Slash_Alex I wish I knew what it is about the setup and files I have that don't let me update the damn ENT. After the New Script Hook V (1868.1) was released it even stopped the game getting into SP (infinite game loading loop) I am stuck on U42 bf3 for now. I tried bf4 & bf5 to no avail.

    08 de Abril de 2020
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    mudjug may be right. I have tried the new ScriptHook and I can't get into the game just the infinite loading screen for me.

    05 de Abril de 2020
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    @DoomsDayX: Well thanks for that tip for the ENT folder. Unfortunately despite me deleting the entire folder my game still won't accept the most recent ENT. It WILL now take bf3 so baby steps?

    26 de Març de 2020
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    @DoomsDayX: uhhhhhh db file? Where's that?

    26 de Març de 2020
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    @DoomsDayX: I wish I could say mine is but it's not. Still infinite loading screen

    @Slash_Alex: IDK if you have any other ideas or recs to try but I am doomed to stay with U42bf2
    Remember I have SHVdotnet v3.0.3 (for a while I couldn't get that in the main folder and got the ILS)

    25 de Març de 2020
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    @Nivinha Alright then. Looking forward to it!!!!

    14 de Març de 2020
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    @DaVyper do you have knowledge of the .xml coding that mig may have used?

    @mlgthatsme IF you're around man and for whatever reason get on here I would love to take this over and see if I can update it and fix some of the issues. Please @ me or PM me so we can discuss

    @CrypTic Deadman
    I use ENT so bring up the Trainer list. Go to World then on whichever page (3 for me) enable MP maps. I engage it then disengage then re-engage just to ensure that the Maps are loaded. You will see the game stall for a few seconds then it will activate the Maps and all the Warehouse/Garages/Apt combos should be active

    09 de Març de 2020
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    So if there is a way to replace the bodies of female Peds on the streets of Los Santos with this mod then how is that done? (at the least the Prostitutes & Strippas)
    IF anyone else out there has a tut or install instructions please send me the link

    09 de Març de 2020
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    So it's official that for MY install I cannot utilize the ScriptHookV.Net 3.0.3
    I have the updated build 1868.
    I re-installed the game from scratch (even re-installed Steam) and have just been rebuilding my mods and edits. It will NOT take SHV 3.0.3 but will take 3.0.2
    IDK what else can be done. IF you have any other recs I'm all ears

    09 de Març de 2020