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    for anyone who doesn't know how to install heavy sniper awc file do this =
    1)make sure edit mode is on
    2) right click on the "snp_heavy awc file" and go to export to open format
    (save it to desktop) (a snp_heavy folder and snp_heavy.oac file, should have been created)
    3) now put the sound file you want, into the (snp_heavyfolder) that was created on desktop
    4)then use the (snp_heavy.oac) that is on desktop and drag drop it onto the x64 \ audio \ sfx \ WEAPONS_PLAYER.rpf \ snp_heavy
    5)that's it your done...

    6)Do the same with the rest of the install readme the
    RESIDENT.rpf \ weapons.awc

    31 de Març de 2016
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    @Lai Bhari just want to say thanks, love the mod.... also that the ''advanced fuel mod" doesn't work with your mod, this is what happens.... As the planes take off the fuel runs down very very fast and then runs out, then the plane crashes it really funny but i was just wondering if there is a fix??? thanks again for you work 5stars....

    31 de Desembre de 2015
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    @pork_eclair did you work out if you can change them...

    29 de Desembre de 2015
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    is there anyway to use this without the numpad or change the buttons... i have corsair compact keyboard which doesn't have the right numpad....

    29 de Desembre de 2015
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    @GravelRoadCop hi man don't mean to wasted your time, but i was just wondering if it's possible to mod apartment lights to turn on and off????

    23 de Desembre de 2015