Volcano Island (treasure quest)


On your last mission at dead island, you found a strange treasur map on a mercenary, you're now going to find the island but it seems you're not alone to search it.
This map will add an Island with a Vulcan in the nothern sea.
Basicly the vulcan is sleeping but you can awake him with the Fx option from the zip
The island is populated by BigFoot, Merryweather force, epsylon, cultist and some other. (they're not all hateful, also i'll add a peaceful version soon)
It contain 22 treasur to find

>> I apologize for the ground veg but I can't add more object on this map, so i'll have to remove some tree to finish it

Thing to know ;
> The collision is fucked by a bug at loading that modif the object rotation, i've fix and refix and refix and etc a lot of time but I'm a bit boring xD

> I highly recommend to Use menyo (or other tainer) to reduce the height of WAVE and the Wind to 0+ (0 for wave and 0,01 min for wind)

> Some part can be missing if your config don't permit too much veg (i'll try to fix that)

> don't respect the area to load the map = no sand, water etc

Installation :
1°) Install map editor

2°) Place my object list into your " scripts " folder (it contain the expandedobjectlist and the full 10K list)

3°) Instal menyoo

4°) place simpleFx and bigbadaboom into spooner folder from menyoo stuff

5°)optionnal) If you doin't want the FX or you not have menyoo but an oother trainer for wave height and wind, then put the " gta_unlock_all_object " into your main gta folder

6°) Start game and go to Del Pierro pier entrance (near jesus, exact location in screenshot 2

7°) load the map vulcano
and go into the entity list from map editor menu/ select the first object / yu gonna be tp to the island
Or find the island yourself ^^

8°) Enjoy

9°) Optionnal ) load the fx with menyoo spooner if you want them

Create map for this game take a lot of time (again more for this one with more than 35 crash and a lot of refix and refix cause of the bug at loading)
I don't ask for any donation but leave a like if you want more :P
It could be nice ;)

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And some minor other ;)

Credits :
Thank to :
>Guadmaz for his Map Editor
>Gta MultiPlayer team for OSU and all object it bring
>K3nil for 10k list mod
> mafins for Menyoo
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