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NaturalVision is the result of greatly utilizing ReShade, ENB, VisualSettings and TimeCycle files in combination with the VisualV mod. The goal was to try and make GTA5 look as photorealistic as possible. Over 400 hours of work was put into Version 2.0, which is a complete overhaul of the original mod.

Although this was built on top of VisualV's files, there have been numerous changes made to the environmental weathers, lighting, timecycle and colors in order to improve the aspect of realism. The tonemapping has also been adjusted through VisualSettings and ReShade to try and mimic how we view the real world through our eyes.

Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

This mod requires VisualV in order to properly work.
You can download it at this link.
Install guide is included in the super detailed "README" file within the download.

Currently available in English, Russian and German but additional language support will be added soon.

Please read everything carefully in the readme before commenting about an issue. There is a good amount of useful information in there that should help you troubleshoot your issues and also answer your questions.

In regards to minimum or maximum specs:
The only thing that matters is how you run currently run GTAV without mods and the FPS you're averaging. Take that and subtract the framerate by 5 or 10, depending on which version you decide to use.


- Updated the README with new instructions (Step 4 and Step 5)
- Modified sky / fog colors in ExtraSunny and Clear weather
- Tweaked directional lighting to provide a warmer feel during daytime
- New night time lighting in all weathers
- Fixed Deband ReShade issue causing night time to be pitch black in certain areas
- Adjusted traffic light corona size for more visibility during daytime
- Increased wind in Rain and Thunder weathers
- Adjusted the type of Clouds appearing in-game
- Recreated the Main ReShade Preset from scratch. Balanced and performance friendly.
- Various ENB and visualsettings lighting tweaks
Rockstar Games & Rockstar North
VisualV (_CP_ & robi29)
ReShade 3.0 Team (Crosire, MartyMcFly, Ganossa, Ceejay and others)
ENBSeries Dev (Boris Vorontsov)

Special Thanks
Quentin Tarantino
young hollow

...and many other people (both friends and family) that helped provide feedback, beta test or supported me.
Recommended Mods:

Your game won't look like mine until you grab a few extra mods that are sure to enhance your GTAV experience. Here is what I recommend...

L.A Roads 2.0 Mod
L.A Roads 2.0 Patch

Real Freeway Signs Mod

advancedblur.asi from the VisualV 'optional' folder

Environmental Emergency Lights

Corona Begone

For a full list of recommended mods, check out the readme
Please do not redistribute these files without my permission. Thanks!
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  • E4fccc nv
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    Hi everyone, there is a big update that I've been slowly working on for the past month. It's called "NaturalVision Remastered" and has a targeted release of late February / early March. All the weathers are modified in it, not just the extrasunny and clear weather. This update was inspired by various games including GTA4, Forza Horizon 3 and Watch_Dogs - taking the most realistic lighting aspects from those games and trying to recreate the look in GTAV's various weathers.

    In v2.2 the sky colors looked very weird and did not fully represent Los Angeles, so I've gone back and recreated most of the sky/fog colors which was a lot of work. I've also increased fog density in certain weathers, adjusted the overall fog, modified clouds, tweaked ambient lighting, added godrays, modified in-game tonemapping and so much more. The ReShade stuff was also modified and there is a major performance boost. Revisiting every major weather has really helped shape this update. Even without ReShade, the mod still holds up on its own this time around and I stand by these words. I look forward to sharing it with everyone when it's ready.

    You can view screenshots for NaturalVision Remastered at the following link:

    All screenshots were taken at 4k resolution and then resized to my monitor's resolution. The gallery will be updated frequently so feel free to follow it. Trust me, you will like this update.

    26 de Gener de 2017
  • E80096 cropped 150 150 710190

    @Razed did you do any editing to the clouds in the game? also i think during sunset, the top of the sky should be more purple abit like this,

    fa 4 dies
  • E80096 cropped 150 150 710190

    Also just wondering but, how come i dont see the sun in any of your pictures on flickr?

    fa 4 dies
  • Default

    @Razed the recent uploaded pictures on flicker looks very very great! The only graphic part
    I worry a bit at the moment are the clouds, but I understand that you are busy with it right now.

    fa 4 dies
  • Default

    @Neutralization There is actually 2 pics, the other one had something to do with swamp

    fa 4 dies
  • Default

    @Razed So, Will a Graphics Card with 3GB VRAM Suffice, as long as it runs GTA V at near-max settings with almost constant 60 FPS. (For Remastered not 2.2) Asking because it says I should be fine, but its in the 2.2 section.

    fa 3 dies
  • C6f0b3 zero options

    @Abbas_11 In Remastered version you dont need to use ENB or Reshade so yes you will be nice ;)

    fa 3 dies
  • E4fccc nv

    @Neutralization It's already like this.

    @Fredskie Yup but good news is that we now have a timecycle reloader and I will be able to easily work with them. I've been chatting with the author for the past few days and he has put everything I requested so far into his script. Amazing guy. The delay to NaturalVision Remastered has been worth it.

    By the way.. beta testers, I have fixed that high altitude line bug thanks to a bit of help from @Xilandro and thanks to the timecycle reloader.

    On that note, I am able to tell you guys what Xilandro's breakthrough was. Last week he discovered a method to edit the timecycle values in realtime via process injection (not reloader) and he developed a script for it. The thing is, his script is still new and a work-in-progress. Bit difficult to use at the time but it totally works. The reloader is pretty cool for the time being though.

    fa 3 dies
  • E4fccc nv

    Also if anyone is wondering where the old NV youtube video is, I received a copyright strike last week (11 months after it released) by UMG for the Carpenter Brut song. Then they blocked the video in every single country outside of the USA. I never even monetized that video and filed a dispute yesterday. I'm legit upset about that and will fight those stupid fucks to get it back. They can keep the song but the video is 100% original content by me. This also makes me skeptical of picking a major artist song for my next trailer. Will probably stick to a lesser-known artist.

    fa 3 dies
  • Default

    i cant play on full screen, crash :/

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  • Cfda8e img 4649

    @Razed hey dude, please check your messages on the forum.

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  • Default

    @OPTNZ Thanks!

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  • Default

    It has 1337 likes XD

    fa 3 dies
  • Default

    Hello, can I change your “visualsettings“ file and release it as part of my ENB?

    fa 1 dia
  • Default

    @Razed I was just wondering how dark the nights will be? I love the realism of it being realistically dark, but it did hinder gameplay quite a lot.

    fa 23 hores
  • E4fccc nv

    @HY_S Yeah sure but please credit me somewhere.

    @OG_Grinskin91 That will depend on the weather. ExtraSunny has darker nights, Clear/Clouds have medium and Overcast/Rain/Thunder/Smog weathers have brighter smoggy nights. Here's a quick picture of extrasunny nights:

    fa 21 hores
  • 0029e6 the illusionist 2006

    @Razed You must be the Son of Bob Ross or something.:) It´s more real than Reality.

    B.R.: "There"......."there"...."there"......"Just beat the devil out of it".:D

    But i have a problem. The only thing which does not work is the enblightsprite.fx. It´s all up to date. The Instructions didn´t help. Or is there something i miss? I´ve downloaded al the files you mentioned. The Error persists.

    INFO | Compiling 'D:\SOFTWARE\GTA V\enblightsprite.fx' ...
    15/05/2017 11:50:52:557 [04132] | ERROR | Failed to compile 'D:\SOFTWARE\GTA V\enblightsprite.fx':
    D:\SOFTWARE\GTA V\enblightsprite.fx(17, 8): warning X5000: global variables are considered 'uniform' by default
    D:\SOFTWARE\GTA V\enblightsprite.fx(19, 7): warning X5000: global variables are considered 'uniform' by default
    D:\SOFTWARE\GTA V\enblightsprite.fx(21, 1): warning X4717: type prefixes for annotations are deprecated
    D:\SOFTWARE\GTA V\enblightsprite.fx(22, 1): warning X4717: type prefixes for annotations are deprecated
    D:\SOFTWARE\GTA V\enblightsprite.fx(23, 1): warning X4717: type prefixes for annotations are deprecated
    D:\SOFTWARE\GTA V\enblightsprite.fx(24, 1): warning X4717: type prefixes for annotations are deprecated
    D:\SOFTWARE\GTA V\enblightsprite.fx(25, 3): error X3011: initial value must be a literal expression

    fa 20 hores
  • E4fccc nv

    @The_Illusionist Thanks but I kinda disagree and dislike NV 2.0 - though I am very proud of my upcoming release. Anyway, delete your old SweetFX.fx files and old ReShade.fx files to fix that error. Use the new one from the download archive.

    fa 19 hores
  • 0029e6 the illusionist 2006

    @Razed Can´t wait for it! Will you upload it separately from this Version and do you know the Release Date yet?

    Maybe i´m dumb, but i can´t find the new ReShade.fx anywhere. Don´t want to annoy you, but could you give me the link where the new ReShade.fx is, please? Sorry.

    fa 17 hores
  • Gtao44

    So, when this new thing is coming to the whole world? :)

    fa 17 hores
  • E4fccc nv

    @The_Illusionist Actually I forgot there isn't a new ReShade.fx file. Sorry for confusing you, I was really tired when I responded earlier. Feel free to send me a screenshot of all the files and folders in your GTAV directory and I'll be able to spot the issue. I will upload the new update to this current mod. I have a release date in mind but don't want to share it yet.

    @destroyerzzz Sooner than you think.

    fa 10 hores
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