Tritone Visual Graphics Timecycle (Beta) BETA 1.0


important! - THIS IS NOT THE FULL VERSION OF THE GRAPHICS. Replaces only clear weather.

install - put the "timecycle" folder here:GTAV update update.rpf common data

Warm color correction
Beautiful sunset
The graphics were made based on real photos/videos about Los Angeles
There are no blackouts and twisted contrasts
Beautiful rays

Affected parameters:
The color of the sun has been changed to white-yellow
The natural color has a white color
reduced by HDR on the sky and fog and reflections
Increased shading
The color of the rays from the sun has a white color with a smaller but distant amplitude
The surface color correction has a warm orange color (has its drawbacks)
Natural colors at night are twisted to a minimum in order to create a realistic night atomosphere
The sky has been completely changed, it now looks much better as in all modern games
The size of the sun is reduced
Removed all crown lens (from the sun headlights)
Reduced the amplitude of haze and fog

How the graphics were created:
Back in the summer I wanted to create my own graphics. At that time, there was little experience, and it was simply impossible to do something offline and edit manually every time using the selection method
In January, I found a way to edit timecycles right in the game. And through January and February, I studied the basis and what each parameter is responsible for. The hardest thing to do was to choose the right natural color and also mix the color of the fog and sky in the polar district (at this stage I was stuck for a very long time)
But still a few weeks and I was able to achieve what I wanted. I did everything based on examples of photos and videos of Los Angeles and RDR2 streets. February has passed and now it's time to release it to the public. A few more days passed and I was very upset with the results of this graphics and the goal was set to make even better graphics more realistic to make the twinkling of the sun improve the sunset and much more that I'm working on right now. And I will publish these weather settings here. Enjoy.

Follow the news of this graphic to see the 2.0 version that is being developed right now and which significantly improves visuals than this version -
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