台灣警車(福特Focus RS) Taiwan Police Car(Ford Focus RS) V1.0.5(Final)

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Focus的警車終於做好了,雖然花不到1個禮拜,但前前後後還是修了很多東西,目前Camry '08還在製作中,偵防車包Part 2已經好了,但還沒拍照,所以下一個會開放的可能是車包Part 2,那就老話一句,等等吧!

Foucs police car finally done, although I didn't make more that one week, but I still change something more, and Camry '08 is making, National Highway Police Car Pack Part 2 already done, but I didn't take the picture, so next release maybe is Car Pack Part 2, then the old saying, waiting!
請依這裡為主,不要照讀我裡的路徑 Please follow here, do not follow paths in Read me.
這只限覆蓋板,新增版還是可以 Only work on replace, Add on still working

安裝方法 Installation instructions:
原車輛 Original Car:
Ford Focus RS UK Police Car By Cam420
Come And Join Us
Discord(還不是很完善 Not Very Perfect)
其他塗裝 Other Paint Jobs:
台灣警車(交通大隊-Toyota Camry) Taiwan Police Car(Traffic Police-Toyota Camry)
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