Pennsylvania Based License Plate. (U.S State) (SA EDITION) 0.01

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Ok moving on.

Whats new in 0.02 Update?
-Fixed design error on second image on each of plate files.
(Please let me know in comments if there is any more trouble with plate.)

Want the License plates to be based from another state (USA) or international. You came to this right place where I am working on my new project on making licenses plates so that way, you can add this shhh into GTA V. Anyways, this following plate mod is based from Pennsyivania as I did re-modify the design. Be aware that its been tested and should have no problems at all.

-Legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
-Windows version (And NO, this mod not work on PS4 or Xbox cause you need OpenIV to install other mods including this plate. )
-OpenIV (Latest version is highly recommended.)
-You are recommended to add an "mods" into your "Grand Theft Auto V" folder so that way, you can install mods there.

Hold your horses, if you do not know how to freakin install this mod. You should pay attention or otherwise you will be like another person that corrupted gta v system and has to reinstall it. Don't be that person. (Sorry if I am like mocking you if you destroyed GTA V.)
Anyways, read these steps carefully and if you have any questions or concern about this mod. Please leave an comment to mod download page and I may respond back.
Step 1: To start off, chose any plates that you would love to add or you can add all 5 of them into your game.
Step 2: Once done with that, launch Open IV and go to this following folder. (Read down here for direction to folder).
(Grand Theft Auto V/mods/x64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf)
Step 3: Search for object named "vehshare.ytd" and turn on edit mode to start this shh.
Step 4: Once you opened the file and should show images, go to
plate0(number you picked.), then click replace button and then find same name with the current image and replace it. Also, if you see duplicated image and its purple. That is back of plate and you should add that too.
Step 5: Once your done, click save it and your all done! If you like to see it, play GTA V and see it for your self.

1Q: What if I experience some game crash after installing this plate mod?
1A (1/4): Make sure you have the mod installed correctly and if this continues to persist after restarting your GTA. Refer down to (2/4).
1A (2/4): Temporally restore the "vehshare.ytd" file into mod folder where its not been tampered with unless you did through game folder.
1A (3/4): If that does not resolve the problem up here, and crashses still continues. Run an verify update either through steam or rockstar games depending on their availability.
1A (4/4): Also, please leave comment down in my page if you have any issues with this mod and I will see if I can try to look into it.
2Q: Will I make more plates?
2A: It will take some time since I am nearly to graduating from High school and going to community college so for that. I should take my study important to get a better job one day and don't worry, I will still play GTA5 and make more mods until I retire.
3Q: I don't want use OpenIV and is there an alternate option?
3A: Nope sorry, you need that program to access mod files and this one requires it.
4Q: Can I change the number in the title of image so that way, I can set it to whatever I want it to be in?
4A: Before you do that, for this name like ummm "". change number after 0 from 1-5 depending on your own choice. If you want change it to north yankton plate, go ahead. But proceed with caution as something may go wrong.

That's all!

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Please be aware that reuploading this content anywhere else is PROHIBITED!

-Fixed version number.

Credits: (Program)
-Alienware X51 Desktop (System)
-Google images (Just to research on plate designs.)
-WinWar (Packing this download.)
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