Sam Berri Towing Skin 1.0

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read this stuff before installing.

hey guys Aaron here

first off sorry for my grammer it sucks,
and this will be my very first release,
its been ready for a month or so.
im pretty much green horn,
but i know how to create a skin.
i did this for myself and liked how it came out.
now i want to share it.
sorry if i step on any toes here..
thats not my intention at all.
hopefully i dont make a fool of myself. laugh out loud.

This truck skin is based off a local tow truck company here
in the Serria Nevadas of Northern California The Motherlode.
ive seen them my whole life, therefore i decided i want to see them
in GTA too.
the company is Sam Berri Towing.
This is not one of there specific paint schemes, even the logo itself
is a little different from all the real ones; However this is more of
a umm, "inspired replica" , that works we can call it that.

Enough Rambling!

so lets get to towing.. here are the steps
for the tow skin i have created.

step 1 download the tow truck from


these links are for the us plates version obviously.
download and install follow their model.

me path is...


mine is in patchday11ng ... but where ever you put your tow truck files find the
towtruck.ytd (or towtruck2.ytd if you renamed it) open the file with edit mode on.

click " arm " texture.
click replace.
find the file where you
have my downloaded skin
select the arm.png

now click "doors" texture.
click replace.
it should remember the file
from last the previous step
select the door.png

3rd click "front" and then go ahead and
click the replace button.
select from your front.png

now to replace the rear of the tow truck
select rear once again click replace
and then click the rear.png

after this is done
click the traanplaat
and go in for one last time and grab the my traanplaat.png

make sure to click save and it will automatically close the window.
if openiv crashes here then try to save after each texture file.

should be good from there.

maybe in the future i can include choice range for px count.
2k/4k/8k ill be working on it for sure.
but for now im going to post what i have tested and seen
good results with ... i have put in all 8k and its too overwelming for my build.
or atleast thats what i was thinking.

launch gta 5 and spawn it in
...i have both tow truck slots filled with the same vehicle.

(YOUTUBERS ARE WELCOME - if you have a mod list, i would appreciate if you listed it there, if you don't have a mod list then no problem. )

please do not reupload my files or i will become pissed off
and i will form a friendship with a bird and train him to crap on your head.
but if this does not discribe your intentions then thank you for downloading
and God speed.


i did not make the diamond plate texture. - this is where i got the diamond plate texture for non profit projects.

mohaalsmeer - for the FORD S331 tow truck model

Sam Berri Towing Service
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