British Police officer texture 1.4

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F1582f front close
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Once loaded this will turn the groupe 6 guard into a British police officer,( Wearing long sleeve black shirt, black stabvest, black trousers)

Please do not redistribute my skin
I have noticed that after a while the character appears wet, I am trying to fix this (This ain't getting fixed not gonna lie)
1.5 - Changed the appearance to reflect a Staffs stabbie, sort of...

No more updates for another 7 years


updated the text documents in the download so it sends you to the right place for the texture the work in the game without error. Before it sent you to the old location, now it sends you to the right location to make it work.

Only a minor update but a bigger one will be along soon.

Any suggestions leave a comment.

More skins to come soon.

Changed the black stab vest to a hi vis version, when installed this can be placed onto a separate police officer
so both the black and hi vis stab vest will be able to be worn and seen at the same time. If you just want the one of them, then I am
releasing a update to do this soon.

I have mostly fixed the face issue I had, but there is still a little bug with that so the face looks a bit messed up.

Also, the skin no longer will be on the armoured guard, I have moved it to the police officer so is now easier to access and see around the map.
This also means that it can be used with script mods that use the police skins.

Working on releasing a hat to go with the skin.

Currently working on creating a new police skin to be released in the future.

Version 1.1

I have changed the police lettering on the main stab vest to blue hi vis instead of the black to make it stand out more and resemble the real thing

The lettering on the back is bigger and easier to see
The lettering on the front has moved up and the blue and white checkers have moved down

I have changed the faces, but there may be a few bugs with that feature I still have to work out.

The lettering now appears on BOTH arms instead of the left to make it look more accurate.

I am also currently working on a hi vis version for this texture which will be released soon in the next week, but is still being worked on.

Also removed the copy files in the download


I am currently working on improvements for this skin so there will probably be future versions

I am also working on converting this to the cop skin and others to make it easier to find and use for othet mods.


This is my original skin

Please, by all means further edit this and improve it, this will help me out a lot

Any issues you find contact me so I can try to fix them.

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