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First off this mod is a Expansion of my mod ; Advanced Vehicle Functions
to enable/disable Functions you can either change them via ini or access them through the phone contact

if you need help please contact me on discord link to invite :

Credit to Eddim for Kers and Nitro
Credit to danistheman262 for the progress bar for Nitro
thanks to NEGVS for allowing me to use the code I made for him for Pistol Switch, Credit to NEGVS/HKH191

This mod is a mod that allows the user to toggle custom Advanced Functions like:
Player Functions :
Surrender to cops on three stars or less (pressing Shift + L, when 3 stars or less with allow you to surrender to the cops)
Gangster Pistol Switch & Gangster Aim (Gangster Aim, only works with Pistol & Pistol Mk2)
Play Online Gestures on Hotkey (Press CTRL + G, to play selected Online Gesture, Gesture can be changed from ini, CURRENTGESTURE can be 0 to 44)
Toggleable crouch movement (Hold CTRL to enable/Disable)

Flashing Police Lights, when enabled will make your current cop car (not supported by add on cars), flash choosen light color, can be changed via ingame phone contact menu
Emergency Brakes, will automatically slow the car down if it detects an imminent collision with another vehicle
Open Vehicle doors via numpad, can be toggled on an off via ini/phone contact menu
Faster Cars, when toggled will make all vehicle in the chosen category, faster reaching speeds greater than 180mph.

Install Scripthookv
Install Scripthookvdotnet : (Make sure to drop all files in game directory folder, and change ReloadKey=Insert in Scripthookvdotnet.ini)
Install NativeUI 1.9.1 :
initial release
added better toggling of Online Gestures
added One hand aim
added MP Interactions Menu
added MP Pointing
Drop AdvancedActions.dll in scripts folder, drop AdvancedActions.ini in scripts as well, drop Ifruitaddon2 (included in zip) into scripts, and you are done installing this mod
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