Casual Jobs ("Rabbit Holes") 1.2


This mod is mostly for Roleplaying. It lets you work for different companies across the map.
Inspired from the mod:"Simple Jobs" from Eyon but much more subtle and with the possibility to tweak it a little.
Go near one of the 22 spots to check if it's the right time to work, and if it is, you will be able to work for 5 hours (timelapse) and earn some cash.

The jobs and pay will change with the amount of money you have (changeable in the CasualJobs.ini)

For example: go to GoPostal when you have between 0 and 300000 cash and you will work as a "Post Sorter" for 400. If you go there with more than 300000 then you will work as a "Postman" for 800. With more than 500000 as a "Post Director" etc..
The catch is that you have to be there at the right time. Jobs with less "open time" and in remote locations will pay more.

ShowBlips - Default 2 0 (Off) 1 (On) 2 (Show blip only when Player is in range)
PayMultiplier - Default 1 (can be set decimal and lower than 1)
FirstPromotion - Default 300000
SecondPromotion - Default 500000
ThirdPromotion - Default 800000
FourthPromotion - Default 1000000

There is a Map with Places and Times in the screenshots

This Mod has NO Hotkeys and NO file writing!
And it is "memory friendly" (markers will appears only when the Player is in range)

Known Issues: None

Requirements and How to Install:
Script Hook V & Community Script Hook V .NET
Put the files in your GTAV scripts folder.

Recommended Mods (optional):

- Roleplay Menu (If you want more roleplaying stuff and active jobs)
- Crime Jobs (for even more active jobs!) (Gameplay video here!)

If you like to support me i will very much appreciate it. You will make my days brighter! (Link under my Profile)
Check out my Patreon for more awesome stuff!

This was my first mod. I still like it.

Please do not distribute or re-upload my mods
I use only and Patreon to upload my stuff. If you find anything somwhere else it means it has been stolen.

v1.0 : Release
v1.1 : Now the PayMultiplier can be a decimal and set lower than 1 - Fixed Blip stacking when reloading script
v1.2 : Added the option to show blips only when the player is in range and set it as default - Fixed some typos regarding the working times

Credits: Eyon (for inspiration and his many awesome mods)
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