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Hi, This is the GTA ONLINE experience brought to Story Mode. This is a WORK IN PROGRESS so it's not fully done and is not fully complete there is a lot of stuff I have to do.

If you remember before I had made a mod similar to this but canceled it, however, I'm back to making it again but WAY MORE IMPROVED. Better UI, Better Gameplay, and much more. I will be updating it in a different way by chunks instead of mission by mission because I realized how ridiculous that is. Right now it has most of the base game weapons at the gun shop and a working clothing store that has up to 20 outfit slots that you can save.
But that will change with most updates as the respected weapons will be added in with their respective update. (example. The ceramic pistol from The Diamond Casino update will be added when I do THAT update) There is an AI Creator at the airport which allows you to create your own AI Friends and name them and bring them alongside you for free-roam and mission. As of right now, you can now purchase vehicles from Simeon's dealership.

I HIGHLY recommend that you use a fresh game installed, clean mods folder, no graphics mods or trainers(however you can still use them), and an end-game save file (you can usually download those kinds of things to skip playing the whole game again.

Frontend Menu Problem (Missions Not Popping Up) -
Jittrippen - "So when you are going into the clouds press ‘P’ twice and then press backspace and press e again to go into the clouds and it should pop up"
Also, in this update, I have done another thing that 'Might' fix this issue but only time will tell.

To Start -
Upon loading the game it will take you into Character Creator to make your character, then it'll show you the small intro sequence then will set you up for PRE-FREEROAM. From here you can press the 'L' key to start a new online-offline session (start the mod up) to begin playing its content.

To Install -
drag the .dll, .ini, and the assets folder into the scripts folder. (readme provided in download folder)

Requirements -
Script Hook V - Latest Version
Script Hook Dot Net - Vers. 3.6 -
LemonUI SHV3 -
GTA DRUG WARS UPDATE (the most recent update of the game)


Thanks to These People/Resources -
Menyoo Open Source
Rage Wiki
GTA Series Videos - They have videos on almost pretty much everything in the game and helps me recreate the missions easily, they are awsome so go check 'em out. -

Beta Testers -
Games & Graphics

And to all of my supporters! :)

Discord Server -

Any feedback from the comments section would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to make videos on this mod! The upload status is Monitored by me but aslong as the content is related to the mod then I do not mind the video being there so anyone can add their video to this mod page.
Base Mod
10 Gerald Contact Missions
1 Custom Heist
Finished all of Geralds's Contact Missions. ( Including Gerald's phone contact )
Added Simeon Contact Missions. ( Including Simeon's phone contact )
Added a good amount of options to the Interaction Menu.
(Hopefully) Fixed the personal vehicle spawn using the interaction menu.
Added Ai Creator to create AI Friends.
Added Player List.
Added Big Map. (Press Z twice for it to pop up)
Inventory so you can store cash in your wallet and or bank, snacks and armor.
Added the quick wheel so you can use snacks and armor in the weapon wheel.
Added The mask shop you can use at the beach.
Added the ability to Re-edit your character in the interaction menu.
Added Barbershop in the interaction menu.
Added new weapons to the gun shop (Pre-Heist DLC Weapons)
Added vehicle dealership so you can now purchase vehicles.
Added Los Santos Customs so you can customize Vehicles that you own.
Added getting XP and Cash Upon kills.
Changed the Pause Menu so it no longer pauses the game and it has the title of the mod.
Fixed robbing gas stations and 7/11's so now you can.
Fixed vending machines.
Added Controller support for Interaction Menu and Character Creator. (And for most things that use both.
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