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This is an edit of bdking00's (a.k.a. InfamousHD on YouTube) Eject mod. Instead of ejecting the player, this ejects the passenger (front-right only) of the vehicle you are in.
By default passengers will eject automatically when you eject from a plane. This can be configured in the INI.
By default passengers ejected from planes will use a parachute when descending. This can be configured in the INI.

If you find any bugs please @ mention me in the comments and I'll try and fix them asap! :)

Install Script Hook V.
Install Script Hook V .NET.
Copy EjectPassenger.dll and EjectPassenger.ini into the scripts folder within your GTA V directory.

When the passenger is in the correct seat press Page Down (or the duck button on your controller (default is A on XBOX controller)) to eject the passenger.
Hold Page Down for 2 seconds to change direction of ejection (up or sideways).

Customising controls:
For keyboard keys:
  • Use the "Member name" of the key you want to use from
  • If you don't want to use the HOLD_KEY, set it to "None" (without quotes).
For controller button:

bdking00 has given me permission to upload this to

  • Fixed collision bugs (hopefully).
v1.4 beta:
  • Added ejected passenger using parachute while descending capability.
  • Added passenger auto ejecting when you do.
  • Fixed bug with controller button being triggered on keyboard.
  • (Nearly) Perfected ejection positioning.
  • Fixed bug where nonexistant INI file error message was not showing up.
  • New INI settings:
    • SHOW_DEBUG_MESSAGES //show some messages about what's happening
    • PLAY_EJECT_SOUND //play woosh sound or not
    • SIDEWAYS_FORCE //seperated FORCE into seperate forces for UPWARDS and SIDEWAYS
    • USE_PARACHUTE //ejected passenger will use parachute on descent
    • PARACHUTE_ONLY_FOR_PLANES //only use parachute when vehicle is plane
    • AUTO_EJECT_WHEN_PLAYER_EJECTS //passenger will automatically eject when you do
    • AUTO_EJECT_ONLY_FOR_PLANES //only auto eject if vehicle is plane

  • Fixed game crash due to euphoria (replaced euphoria with ragdoll).
  • Improved ejection positioning by using the vehicles bone positions instead of just guessing.
  • Peds don't scream as long when ejected.
  • Reduced time needed to hold the ejection mode switch button (I still recommend to hold for ~2 seconds though).
  • Added ability to use controller to eject passenger.
  • Added customisability to toggle controller button and what controller button used to eject.
  • Added customisability for the force of the ejection and the keys to eject.
  • Added ability to change direction of ejection (up or sideways (like 2 Fast 2 Furious)) (you can change the direction in the INI file).
  • Added key to change the direction of ejection. The default is the same as the ejection key, Page Down, but you need to hold it for 2 seconds for it to change. Key is changeable in the INI file.
  • Added ability to break passenger door when ejecting sideways (you can toggle this in the INI file).
  • Removed debug functions I accidentally left in v1.

bdking00: For the original mod.
Gamoholik: For requesting the mod be made to work for passengers.
duration: For the idea to add parachuting capability.
Jitnaught: For editing the mod.
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