HelixScript 1.0



- Middle Mouse Button: Ragdollize / activate Ragdoll Control / activate Vehicle Control

With middle mouse button pressed:

- WASD: go forward/left/backwards/right

- Z: Fly Downwards
- X: Fly Upwards

- G: Fly towards nearest living ped (in vehicle or not)
- B: Fly towards target (set the target any time with Delete)

- Shift : Speed up ragdoll/vehicle movement (x3 by default)
- Ctrl: Dramatically speed up ragdoll/vehicle movement (x10 by default)
- Shift-Ctrl: extremely fast ragdoll/vehicle movement (the other two multiplied together, x30 by default. More powerfull than Ctrl by itself but the max speed is not that much faster)
- Right Click: Freeze (halt movement other than rotation)
- Q: Dance (as ragdoll)

- Space (in car): activate "rotation mode"
With Middle Mouse and Space pressed:
- WASDZX: spin in various directions


- Delete: set target to nearest pedestrian (if in range)
- End: kill self

Command Modes (press Insert - numpad key to activate/deactivate)

- Num1: Ragdoll Juggernaut - Fly into pedestrians and vehicles as a ragdoll (using middle mouse) to sent them flying.
- Num2: Vehicle Juggernaut - Run into pedestrians and vehicles in a vehicle (using middle mouse) to sent them flying.
- Num3: Stay in Vehicle - Makes it so you can't get knocked out of your vehicle (or exit it in any way).
- Num4: Carmageddon - Make the cars flip out and go flying everywhere.
- Num5: Ragdoll Peds on Contact - Make peds ragdollize when you touch them. Useful if you want to knock over peds as an animal or knock over peds that wouldn't get knocked over on touch otherwise, but don't want an effect as dramatic as Ragdoll Juggernaut.
- Num6: Car Magnet - Makes cars fly towards the player
- Num9: Ped Magnet - Makes peds fly towards the player

Alternate Command Modes (press Backspace - Insert - numpad key to activate/deactivate)
- Num1: Geddan - Makes your characters limbs flail everywhere when they ragdoll
- Num2: Geddan Vehicle - Makes your vehicle flip out
- Num3: Geddan All - Makes all other peds and vehicles flip out
- Num4: Car Magnet To Target - Same as car magnet, only cars fly towards the target ped (set by delete)
- Num6: Rainbow Vehicle - Makes your vehicle cycle through colors
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