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This is a remake of the excellent Quadcopter mod from LeFix. This new version has been completely rewritten using the ScriptHookVDotNet library. The objective of this new version is to bring additional features and improvements.

Quadcopter-Redux is a real drone simulator, mainly for FPV drones, but future flight modes are planned to simulate the behavior of stabilized drones like DJI drones. Using a FPV drone simulator is almost essential to learn how to fly FPV drones safely. It requires some practice and experience before being able to master the behavior of the drone in manual mode (acro).

There are many drone racing simulators available, but they all lack a detailed world which feels alive, the huge GTA map is the ideal playground for a drone simulator offering endless possibilities and a high degree of realism.

Here is a more detailed practical guide to installing and using Quadcopter-Redux :
French version =>

Important Note
This mod is currently under development, I am actively maintaining it but it is possible (most likely) that bugs are present (please report any bug you encounter)

All important settings can be found in the mod menu.
- If you delete the Quadcopter.json file, the mod will create a file with default settings
- It is highly recommended to use a real drone radio-controller rather than a gamepad xbox360 for better accuracy and real sensations. The mod can detect usb radiocontrollers and the axes and switches can be binded via the mod menu.

- Real FPV simulator, acro and angle flight modes
- Support HID radiocontroller (tested with betafpv, tango 2 and DJI FPV remote controller) or xbox360 gamepad (not recommended)
- Support Betaflight, Kiss, Actual and Raceflight rates
- Configurable Physics and drone presets
- Optionnal Funny gameplay with ability to use weapons and explosions.
- Missions : chasing car, urban rodeo, street races...

ScriptHookVDotNet (3.6.0)

Ensure to have Requirements files installed (ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet)
Put all the file in your GTAV game folder
Mod files can be found in the 'scripts' folder.

- G : to start flying
- H : to stop flying (can also be triggered via menu to teleport player)
- F9/F10 : Drone Settings menu
- R : Unstuck drone (reset)
- PageUp, PageDown : Camera tilt
- C : Change camera
- F : Change flight mode
- X : Abort mission
- B : Restart last mission

How to fly
- If you use a radiocontroller, enter the menu and enable the directinput option, next assign axes to map your radio with throttle, pitch, yaw, roll.
- By default, the motor arming feature is disabled. To activate this feature you need to go to the 'Drone' menu and activate this function, you will then need to bind a button on your radio control (note that the throttle must be cut in order to arm the motors)

Special Thanks to LeFix for the original Quadcopter mod and superG1zm0 for custom modifications on original code.

Changelog :
- change the controller plug/unplug detection to fix fps slowdown on some systems
- when assigning a controller axis to an input, move the axis and simply press the enter key to set the auto-detected value
- Teleport spots are now listed in the scripts/Quadcopter/Teleport.json file (allow to reorder manually prefered spots)
- Ability to add new teleport spots (from current position)
- add an option to teleport player at last used spot at game start

- new physics based on realistic setting values
- add predefined drone presets
- handle drone collision
- Pressing 'G' now toggle start/stop flying drone
- Pressing 'H' now stop flying drone and teleport player at drone pos.
- add coins collector system
- add a secondary weapon

- add a race system and the possibility to create your own race tracks (using the menyoo or map editor addons)
- add 6 race tracks
- change the default menu hotkeys to F10 (for compatibility with menyoo mod) (only affect new users or when after deleting quadcopter.json file)
- better minimap orientation when flying drone and use new icons
- add radio audio during flight (and ability to play your own music, see :
- improved position and orientation of vehicles when launching urban rodeos to correctly place them in front of the player
- redesign of the direct input system to use calibration and configurable smoothing input
- add a manual stick calibration function as well as a self-calibration at startup
- add a help text in the controller sub-menu to identify the axis index that is being moved for the sticks assignment
- add propellers sounds during the rotations of the drone and at 0 throttle to simulate air mode

- show current Quadcopter-Redux release version in menu
- add option in menu to support radio mode 1,2,3,4 (default is mode 2)
- better ground positioning of the entities
- avoids strange flight behavior when the player triggers the flight of the drone while inside a vehicle (the vehicle is instantly destroyed and the player ends up on the ground)
- Rename menu 'Control' to 'Rates' and 'Gamepad' to 'Controller'
- Add menu to change weather and time of day
- Add snow on ground option
- Add 20 new teleportation spots

- add teleport menu
- add max speed menu in drone physics
- adjust default physics settings

- add mission "Custom Race" : create your own race with any vehicles
- adjust physics and change some default values

- adjusted physics
- introduce missions gameplay
- added chasing missions for various vehicules (supercar, sportives, jetski, bike...)
- added urban rodeos

- added new weapons and weapon menu
- add menu option to hide home point in OSD

- added new Physics
- added 5 physics presets slots
- enhenced drone sounds
- configurable keys for menu, start and stop flying from json settings file

- added "Angle" flight mode (configurable max angle and damping speed)
- added support for 3 rates profiles
- added Betaflight, Kiss and RaceFlight rates models
- new keyboard shortcuts : C for change camera, F to change flight mode (acro, angle)
- default flight mode is now Angle
- Armed is not set as default
- reticle in osd can be hidded
- replace cam button with flight mode button
- added current flight mode in OSD

- Initial release
- Complete rewrite of the original quadcopter mod by LeFix.
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