Quick Car Setup [LUA] 3.0


Quick Car Setup v3 [LUA]

This is for everyone that gets through alot of cars in the game!

It is designed to instantly max out any vehicle the player is in, in one click, and so saves time since you will no longer need to go to Los Santos Customs or tweak trainer otpion's every time you get in a vehicle.

Use the default 'spacebar' or any other key, to do the following in a single click:

- Vehicle repaired.
- Vehicle cleaned.
- Custom license plate text added.*
- Neon lights enabled.*
- Coloured tyre smoke enabled.*
- Detects & set all maximum upgrades.
- Vehicle set to Strong/tough.
- Add Window tints.*
- Instantly lower roof (where applicable).
- Instantly wind down both front windows.
- Vehicle is set as no longer wanted.
- Vehicle is set as no longer stolen.
- Vehicle no longer needs to be hotwired.
- Player wanted level cleared.
- Player can no longer be dragged from vehicle.
- Player no longer ragdolls on collision.*
- Player Health, Armour, Special Ability, and Stamina set to 100%
- Player Healed/cleaned and blood removed.
- Choose any default colour. All colours from LSC are available.
- 160+ default vehicle colour templates included, see full list:

* See inside LUA for customization options!


Install Script Hook V

Install LUA Plugin

Download & open the zip for this LUA
Choose a colour from one of the folders, or use the default QuickSetup.Lua from the root.

'QuickSetup.LUA' goes inside the scripts\addins folder.

e.g. C:\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\addins

Recommended mod for rims by SoundJester:

Rim Shot™

1. Generate a random rim
2. Cycle through all available rims
3. Reset to "stock" rims

Changelog: v3

- Thanks to a little help from soundjester, Maximum
car upgrades are now properly detected and applied to all vehicles.
- This means all engine, transmission, spoilers, hoods etc are correctly set to the max available for the car. This also means, Turbo is now also always enabled correctly.
- Enabled coloured tyre smoke. (Set to patriotic, changeable in LUA)
- Added player no longer ragdolls.
- Added heal player wounds.
- Added clean player clothes (removes blood).
- Added maximise player Health.
- Added maximise player Stamina.
- Added maximise player Armour.
- Added reset Special Ability.
- Tweaked the default template's colours, it now uses a black/blue pearl colour along with blue neons. (It can be found alone in the root)
- Made further updates to the LUA's description's,
highlighted the new option to change the tyre smoke colour.
Changelog: v2

- Added Clear wanted level.
- Added Player can no longer be dragged from vehicle.
- Wheels are still customised, but tires no longer change, helping to maintain a stock look.
- Updated the LUA's descriptions, changeable options should now be easier to find, also included more detailed instructions on how to make the various changes, including some working examples.
- New default colour, Black with chrome as secondary.
- Added three multi colour templates, for Black+Red, Black+Blue, and Black+Green. Also:
- You can now choose from a template of every colour available at LSC! Thats 161 unique colours, including all default, matte, pearl, plastic, and worn finishes.
- To make them easier to go through, I also created previews for all the colours too, you can see the full list via:
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