SELL CARS at Simeon's Premium Deluxe Motorsport 1.5



If you use a save game from the early game with a low completion precentage the door wont open even if you load a story completed game. You need to either restart the game with a save past the point where you unlock Trevor or use the added future with the horn outside the dealership .

(Unreleased - in Alpha)v2.0 Coming Soon features:
Unreleased ✅The cars you buy can become permanent (mods included)- persisting through game reloads.
Unreleased ✅Ability to track up to 900 cars.
Unreleased ✅Ability to manage which cars have a blip and which ones are hidden or shown in game.
Unreleased ✅Ability to change car market value.
Unreleased ✅Stolen Cars can become permanent through a VIN change at the police station.
Unreleased ✅Added decor / lights / vegetation / car stands at the dealership.
Unreleased ✅Added 15 new slots at the dealership, that are upgrade-able via menu.
Unreleased ✅Added menu to buy and manage the decor of the dealership and unlock the new spots via missions or money.
Unreleased ✅Added a second dealership that only accepts Super & Sports Cars.
Unreleased ✅Added Guards and scenario to the second dealership.
Unreleased ✅Added latest DLC cars to the system.
Unreleased ✅Added: Simeon changes car pay-out based on damage - dirt - car paint color and mods.
Unreleased ✅Added: Ability to select between real life car price values and ingame values.
Unreleased ✅Added: Mission with AI and scenario where you go to the airport and you can Fly to North Yankton &̶ ̶C̶a̶y̶o̶ ̶P̶e̶r̶i̶c̶o̶, go to a dealership there and register the Add-on car values that are recognized automatically. Then have the cars be imported to Simeon's Dealership.
Unreleased ✅Added: Script for police station to register cars and change VIN number.
Unreleased ✅Added: Custom Garage where you can park any amount of cars in any location and it saves them. Custom script to get in and out.
Unreleased ✅Added: Added one apartment that you can display your bikes in, by driving them in the elevator with you ( the come up to the apartment too).
Unreleased ✅Added: Created an airport at North Yankton.
☒Working on: Custom Vehicle Mechanic shop where you add abilities like rocket launcher, jumps, ghost, parachutes, drive on top of water abilities to every car you take there and you own.
☒Working on: Insurance for when your car is destroyed. (With the current system you never lose the car even if destroyed, just reload the game or the script and it's back to where you left it)
☒Working on: Daily car theft list.
☒Working on: Menu to manage GPS cars, via shortcut.
☒2.0 Release.

Unreleased ✅Added: Add-On cars to be automatically recognized by the mod via script.
Unreleased ✅Added: Enables use of DLC cars in the main Game.
Unreleased ✅Added: Wiki with all game Car information in the form of a menu, data if they are registered or not + what type of security that car has.
☒Working on: Last GPS tracked car, respawns with player at the the hospital upon death.
☒Working on: Car respawns in certain location, when destroyed.
☒(Pre-development)Working on: DLC and ADD-ON cars to spawn in traffic via car generators.

-(ACTIVE) v1.5 Added .txt support , THE MOD NOW SAVES THE ADDED CARS (Up to 320 of them) AND THE SETTINGS and also added a fix for the door . Added further info on the notifications on the previus values when you go to change a value.
- v1.1 Added more futures inside the dealership along with peds and A.I.

What is the point of stealing a car when you can not sell it ?! Well NOW YOU CAN , by going to Simeon's Premium Deluxe Motorsport you can list your stolen vehicles for sale. After a random amount of time when a buyer is found you will be notified that your car has been sold and you will receive in return a percentage upon the car's retail price.

-By visiting Simeon's office you can abjust the maximum time a car takes to sell and the percentage you get at the office right next door.
-You can list up to 60 vehicles ( upon request I can change this to any desired number, or add another spot to change that too from within the game)
-You can visit Lester at the docks to get you ADD-ON vehicles registered in the system and sell them like normal cars without leaving the game.

Futures to be added:
-More dealerships upon request so that each dealership specializes in a certain type of vehicle ( expample: one dealership buys only cars and bikes while another only bikes and another one only helis and airplanes).
Done-XML support so you can save your addon cars instead of registering them every single time. Along with the max time and retail value percentage. (if you are a modder that knows how to implement XML and/or init files please come in contact with me)
-Full name for the vehicles instead of the model name.
-The ability to buy cars aswell.
Kinda done-Props and peds inside the dealership/dealerships.
-Custom Sound files from within the game playing for simeon and Lester.(If you know how I can play audio files from within the game without exporting them and adding them to the mod please come in contact with me.)
-Simeon will give you every 10 minutes a special request for a vehicle that will reward you vastly upon completion in a certain amount of time.

Community Scripthook .NET:
(requirements below are scripthook v .NET requirments)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2:
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64):
I have only tested this mod with game version v1.0.1365.1

If you have a cracked version of the game please say so in the comments and do not bother me with comments such as: My game doesnt work . My game is crashing on loading screen. ! Go buy the original game ! If for any reason what so ever you have bought the game and you are in an older version: If the game is crashing then this happens because some hash has probably changed with the game versions. If you want me to rebuild this mod for an older version of the game then please do provide me with the version number and a message that it is not working and i might rebuild it with the older hashes.

Installation ( noob friendly):
Add SellCars.asi in the main gta v installation directory (where GTA5.exe exists)
Add folder scripts within the main gta v folder (where GTA5.exe exists) along with all its content (meaning that one file , being either access to the dealership or to the dealership and lester's house aswell). If folder scripts already exist just merge the 2 folders together or add opensimeondoors.dll OR opensimeondoorsandlesterhouse.dll inside scripts folder.

Please give me feedback and suggestions

BIG thanks to Alexander Blade for the scipthook template and everyone at GTAFORUM
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