SoB's Extreme Difficulty Health Realism 1_06b

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Visceral, brutal, and hard as hell. Actually realistic. One bad hit will ruin your day. Armor is a meme. You're 47, Michael. Play smarter, not bigger.

Sob's Ultrahard Health Realism 2/9/2018

This little mod replaces my realistic concussions and fatigue mod and is not compatible with it or anything that alters max health, max armor, or walk type/gait type for the player. If any other mods you run alter weapon damage, please understand this may alter the functioning of this mod.

This mod's purpose is to give you actually realistic health, coupled with gait and posture changes.

This mod works well with mods that alter vehicle deformation toward realistic levels, as well as mods that spread out weapon fire to make it more inaccurate.

It simulates (in a fairly abstract sense so far) specific injuries and bleeding. Medpacks/food/soda still restores you to full health as usual. For now you will notice some recovery from injuries, albeit slowly and under specific conditions. Future versions will have more lasting consequences for injuries depending on weapon type.

Use this mod with my You Know Nothing mod!

I highly recommend playing the campaign with these. I also play with my no 2nd person mod with very high default weapon spread. It makes the game more difficult and cinematically brutal. I also recommend arrest warrant-type mods, anything forcing you to abide by traffic laws, and any no-crosshairs mod. No crosshairs plus 2nd person only mods make the game far more difficult when combined with weapon spread and @Eddlm's excellent


choose ONE file from the folders. Recommended file is realistic with NO UI text at this time.

Have fun!


106a to 106b: fixed an error that crashed the no ui text file
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