STCE's Quick Teleport Utility 1.3

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Steam Silence's Teleport Utility


Version 1.3
1- Improved teleport forward feature;
2- Added a screen Fading effect when teleporting to waypoint.


You can get the source code here: Here or Here Nope

You can get a "Teleport Forward" example Here. There must be some better example out there, but It's completely working, Thanks to these Unity3D users: Position in front of an object?. :D

Since a lot of creators here don't share their sources, It's really hard to get a REAL example on how to properly teleport using The C# .Net. So here is what I was able to do: How to find the ground on waypoint. DIrectly ported from Alexander Blade's Native Trainer.
Credits and Notes:

I want to say THANKS to:
* AHK1221 for the amazing tutorials about scripthookVDotNet and NativeUI ModMenus implementation.
* Wiil Redeemed for the Mod Menu Template , which was VERY helpful!

Dependencies: (What do you need)

* NativeUI
* ScriptHookVDotNet
* ScriptHookV

Put the "STCETeleportUtility.dll" and the "texture" folder inside a "scripts" folder in your GTA 5 Directory. Copy the NativeUI to this folder as well.
Put the dinput8.dll and scripthookv.dll inside your GTA5 directory and you should be good to go.

Xbox Controller:

RB + DpadRight: Open the menu;
A + X + LB: Teleport to Waypoint;
A + B + LB: Teleport to mount chilliad;
"Get Cover(RB)" + "Detonate(D-Pad Left)": Teleport Forward(through doors).


F3: Open the menu;
Alt + W: Teleport to Waypoint;
Alt + U: Teleport to mount chilliad;
"Get Cover(Q)" + "Detonate(G)": Teleport Forward(through doors).

-No Menus Mode-

Just create a Text file called "TeleportUtilityNoMenus.txt" in your scripts folder.
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