Stunt Bonus V 1.0.4



In 3D Universe, there are 5 stunt bonuses.
In HD Universe, however, none of them exist!
Are you disappointed with that fact?
This script brings them back with some enhancements!

Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET
Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 x64
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

Put StuntBonusV.dll and the StuntBonusV folder into your scripts folder or a subdirectory of it.
- If the StuntBonusV folder isn't found in the same folder as StuntBonusV.dll, it will be created.
- If the setting xml files aren't found in the StuntBonusV folder, they will be created.
So you don't have to worry about forgetting to put the setting folder and the setting xml files.

When you make good stunts with vehicles, one of the 5 stunt bonus will show the stunt result and will award you money.
Let's enjoy making stunts, to the fullest!
And this is the first script (probably) that can draw long multibyte strings with native functions (Japanese has been already supported btw).

Insane Stunt Bonus
- When you're in a vehicle and fly far enough or rotate fully, this bonus will award you money.
- When 'IsPerfectLandingDetectionEnabled' is set to true, it takes 3 seconds to show results, and if you keep your vehicle's health good enough, the bonus value will be multiplied by 2, and this text will be showed on the stunt record text, "And what a great landing!"
- Note that If you bail out of your vehicle before the result shows, you won't receive their additional awards.
Unique Stunt Bonus
- Each completed jump awards you
certain amount of money.
Car Skiing Bonus ("Two Wheels Double Bonus" in 3D Universe)
- When you keep car skiing for 2 seconds or more, this bonus will award you.
Wheelie Bonus
- When you keep wheelie with motorcycles, bicycles, or quadbikes for 5 seconds or more, this will award you.
Stoppie Bonus
- When you keep stoppie with motorcycles, bicycles, or quadbikes for 2 seconds or more, you'll receive money.

Known Issues

Future plans
Scream speech from a random passenger when the player car flies far (In SA, the stunt script has this feature)
Multi-language support (This mod supports Japanese texts, but all the texts are hardcoded :p)

Alternative downloads
Old releases: GitHub Releases
Latest build: AppVeyor Artifacts (can be unstable)

This mod is licensed under the MIT License.

Update for v1.0.1290.1 (for wheelie, stoppie and skiing)
Increase future-proofing more

Supported for v1.0.1180.2 (Smuggler's Run) (for wheelie, stoppie and skiing)
Fixed awarding insane stunt bonus when player bails out of player's vehicle before the vehicle lands somewhere

Fixed not working LastStuntAward of Unique Stunt Bonus

Fixed improper Car Skiing Bonus with some bikes
Fixed not receiving Wheelie Bonus and Stoppie Bonus with some bikes
Fixed not receiving Car Skiing Bonus by touching only all the left wheels
Fixed receiving Wheelie Bonus and Stoppie Bonus after ejected from a bike and riding it again

First public release

Source code available on GitHub
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