TD Private Security 1.0.9 hotfix


This mod aims to further release the potential of your NPC fellows, giving you more immersion while protecting you. I usually let the team patrol or guard around when dealing with the crimes in LSPDFR.

In addition, It will turn your Designer Penthouse on Pillbox Hill into a fortress with good firepower. Other than the hired members from the street, you can call squad, tough guys and airforce. Whether being wanted, in a gang fight or even you are the police facing crimes, they will protect you and never retreat, salute!


Hire Online Characters & Customise Them
- The 1.0.9 allows you to hire online mp models as your members. The TDGang_db.json file includes some preset mp members.
- You can set their faces, outfits, etc. Have a try.
- Members will update their attitudes toward you once you changed your ped model. So you won't be attacked by them when you switch into a police officer in-game.
- Helicopters can be spawned without explosion In high altitude mountainous areas.
- Far away Members in vehicles will drive to you instead of spawn nearby.
- Members could be set to non-invincible in the main menu.
- Check out the Usage Tips in the main menu for more.
- Change key bindings in the TDGang.ini

Heli, ground force & upgraded weapons
- The 1.0.8 is a massive upgrade. You can call upgraded ground vehicles and Helicopters with heavy weapons. For example, Hunter can deal with heavily armoured enemies with its terrifying anti-tank barrage. Savage can also provide strong fire support with cannon on the nose.
- Aim at a helicopter parked on the ground and press L to let members fly it.
- Aim at a stranger and press L to open dialogue, then press U to let one of your members arrest them XD But strangers may not surrender and could fight back sometimes.
- Members can now swim or drive boats to follow you. They are not afraid of water anymore...
- Members can stay in the vehicle to wait for you if you ask so.
- Some MKII weapons are customised.

- The 1.0.7 allows you to have an air security team with effective fire support both in the air and on the ground. To reduce crashes I recommend high altitude cruising.

Hire People As Members
- The 1.0.6 allows you to truly control the street. Just tell your team which groups you want to eliminate, so these groups of peds will be swept out once found by your team. Moreover, a lot more purchasable weapons added for different purposes. You can now set the combat strategy for your team or for each member to let them fight more wisely.

- The 1.0.3 update allows you to hire up to 10 members. Other than buying them weapons, now you can assign them with different jobs: following (on foot, by car, by helicopter), standing guard (they will look around impatiently when standing there) and patrolling (within a 50m range).

- In 1.0.3, members can fly helicopters to protect you. When you exit the vehicle, unlike the members in the car, they will keep following you in the air. But you can let them land in front of you by pressing H (you can see help messages in game). You will look at them and wave hands to them as a signal. Choose the landing zone wisely to avoid collisions :)

- The 1.0.2 update allows you to hire up to 5 new members in-game, buy them weapons (melee, light and heavy weapons), and let them hassle around the city with you. If your car is fully occupied, they will scare drivers away with guns to rob vehicles near them and drive along with you.

Tough Guys Team:
- Enter your vehicle as passengers: your tough guys will follow you into the vehicle you are driving.
- Pick up guns: they can pick up the opponent's dropped guns (preferably pistols) and use them in combat. Currently, the tough guys can only pick up pistols and pump shotguns.
- Combat function: After you start a melee/gunfight or when you are attacked by an enemy, they will follow you into battle.

Squad Team:
- A small team of five soldiers will come to protect you. Each of them has unique combat strategies based on the weapons they are using. The turret gunner brings good fire support as you drive along.

Security Team:
- There are some security guards standing guard and patrolling around the apartment. They will return back to their positions after fights.
- Snipers on the rooftop provide you with a large area of fire support covering the neighbourhood.

  • Press the L key in-game to load the environment first (You will see the notification once loaded successfully) and open the menu (Thanks for the menu template from Alexander Blade). Control the menu just like TrainerV or with arrow keys. You can use UP and DOWN to go through the menu. Press LEFT ARROW to go back to the parent menu and RIGHT ARROW to go to the sub-menu or select.
  • Check out the Usage Tips in the main menu for more.
  • In the main menu, there are commands for your hired members and for calling ground/airforce with heavy weapons.
  • If you do not want them to follow you temporarily, just choose "Call Followers to Rest Near Apt." in the "Assign Member Job" menu. So all followers will disappear from you and have some drinks near the penthouse.
  • To hire a stranger to be your member, press H (Hire) key while aiming at them to open the dialogue. Then press Y to pay.
  • It is the same process to dismiss the hired member.
  • To open the Management Menu for a specific member, press L while aiming at them with a ranged weapon.
  • If you want your team to proactively attack a specific group of people, press L while aiming at any of them, then follow the help message to let your team hate them. You can also set your attitude toward the enemy back to neutral to stop further attack from your team. This feature allows your team to control the whole street.
  • Helicopters only missile or cannon those hated targets. Unlike normal enemies with red dots on the minimap, you will not treat the police as enemies when being wanted (Rockstar may only want you to escape...). So please mark the police as hated target first.
  • All your hired members will be loaded next time you play. The next time you load it, all your followers will standby near the penthouse, others will stand guard or patrol around the locations you assigned to them before.
  • If you want to remove all your hired members together, just delete the file "TDGang_db.json" from your GTA root folder when this game is not running. It stores all the information for your hired members.
  • After the Tough Guys or Squad are dispatched, select them from the menu again to dismiss the team. Right now the Tough Guys team will spawn in front of the player (will be fixed in the future).
  • Unlike normal enemies, members may not proactively shoot the police when you are wanted. Also, helicopters may not attack them with heavy weapons. You will need to press L to mark the police as the enemy.

Once a new weapon is purchased, it will replace the one they were equipped with under the same category. For example, if your member is holding a machine gun which is a heavy weapon, but you just bought him a combat shotgun, then their machine gun will be removed the next time you launch this mod.

  • Put everything (asi, json and ini) to your GTA5 root directory.


Please leave comments here if you encounter any bugs :)

All the contributors on the native functions and mods. You are awesome!

- First release.

- Menu layout rearranged.

- New functions added, including member hiring, member weapon purchase, team following (Follow as passengers, carjacking to follow or on foot), member deployment (let them follow or rest).
- Menu interactions are more user-friendly.
- Some bugs on the team entering cars are fixed.

- Members choose to walk or run based on how far they are from you.
- Member management menu added: now you can use this menu to buy them weapons, assign them jobs, or dismiss them. The jobs now include stand guarding somewhere, patrolling, and following. More jobs will be added later.
- You can hire up to 10 members :)
- Helicopter: members can protect you by driving helicopters and land nearby when you ask them to on foot.
- Bug on dead members' weapons being available to the next new member is fixed.
- Bug on member not entering vehicle properly if player gets in from passenger seat is fixed.
- Bug on members' following behaviours if player is in water is fixed.
- Bug on the not doing animation of picking up a weapon sometimes is fixed.
- Now you can see different blip names for your team on the map.

- Annoying help message asking you to land a helicopter is changed.
- After asking the helicopter to land nearby or the helicopter refuses to land due to too many obstacles on the ground, you can get back into the vehicle then exit again to tell the heli a new landing area.
- Now the gunners in helicopter can open fire from very far away (1000m+) so they won't stay idle in the air.
- Helicopter will keep following you after the combat.

- Members will not pick up nearby weapons from the ground as it causes strange behaviour sometimes.
- Members will only get weapons when you buy them something. It allows you to form a team with only melee weapons for some crazy s**t XD
- You now get more tutorial messages on how to interact with members.
- Most importantly, no loading screens.
- The combat shotgun has been replaced with the sniper rifle. Use it wisely as they can fire from very far away :)

- Members are two times stronger than before.
- You can customise their combat strategies from the member interaction menu. For example, you may want sniper members to stay where they are during the battle but the shotgunners to push forward.
- New purchasable weapons added, including minigun...
- Main menu rearranged and more powerful: Now you can buy all members weapons together.
- Members can proactively attack the target group (cops, gangs, etc.).

- Now you can use Arrow Keys on the keyboard for menus.
- When you interact with one member through the menu, they will say a few words to you depending on which sub-menu you open.
- You can call the airforce, yep :) They can attack the hated groups like other team members, from high altitude or low altitude. Use with caution as the firepower is heavy...
- Aircraft cruises at a high altitude by default, so you may hardly find the jets in the sky from the ground. But they will fly near the ground during battle.

1.0.8 hotfix
- Members would come nearby when you teleport to somewhere far away.
- Members are now invincible...
- Members may not proactively shoot the police when you are wanted. Also, helicopters may not attack them with heavy weapons. You will need to press L to mark the police as the enemy.
- Huge improvement in loading time

Enjoy the game!
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