The Diamond Casino Heist ||| Celeb Finale Alpha 0.4.0


Hi, This is the recreation of the Diamond Casino heist hope you enjoy it ill be making more projects in the future.

To Start Look For A Big Green L on the map and that is where Lester Will Start you off with the 1st cutscene, then after that look for an arcade blip and the rest is your decision. (To load the arcade use EAI so that you're not falling through the ground and then customize the arcade that way)

Scope Out -
For the Heist, you will need to scope out a couple of things to unlock certain routes and optional tasks so whenever you want to go up to the casino and look around until you find entry points (2 available scope outs right now in 0.3.0)

Now Remember I will be doing setup by setup so please be patient cause, in the end, the mod will be awsome it just takes a lot of time (especially with having school and crap) so just let me do my thing so yall can have a good time and a good overall experience.

To Install -
drag the .dll, .pdb, and the .ini into the scripts folder

Needed mods -
EnableAllInteriors -
Use trainerV to tell into the arcade and then you can use the teleport I set up outside the arcade, I haven't gotten the ipls yet for the arcade so just do that for now.

What I recommend to make the mod cooler -
Use character swap so that you can be a freemode male and be in the Leader spot of the cutscene. -

If you need help feel free to contact me on discord or on my server at bug reports or just general help - - (CruelMasterMC's Server)
0.4.0 -
Added Finale CELEB and Setup mission VAULT DRILL
Added 7 cutscenes
0.3.0 -
Updated ini to fit scope outs and routes(thanks to HKH for the help)
Added several new setup missions 2 needing scope outs in order to choose a route
Added 1 cutscene
Added Setups - Vault Keycards, Celeb Route Setup, and Gruppe Secs Route Setup
0.2.0 -
Added 2 setups Weapons and Getaway vehicles
hopefully fixed ai having red blips all the time after each setup
0.1.0 -
Base Mod
Added .ini FIle To The Game To Save Heist Progress
Adds 2 Setups and 3 Cutscenes
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