VehFuncs V 1.44



An extensively customizable script mod for V that adds support for many different types of brand new car behaviors.

Here are just some of the possibilities that this mod can already be used for:
- Pedals
- Analog dials
- Windshield wipers
- Handbrake
- Sequential shifter
- Fans

Current list of options (multiple of these can be combined in one bone):
- Constant rotation/spinning on any axis
- Rotation/movement tied to gas, brakes, handbrake, steering, speed or engine RPM
- Constant oscillation between a minimum and maximum value, smoothed with a sine wave
- Sequential shifter that reacts to gear changes and moves/rotates to a set value upon one
- Ability to only use an option when the engine is on and/or it's raining

Documentation for car mod creators included in VehFuncsVdoc.txt in the archive.

Added an option in the global config to toggle whether the Neutral weather counts as rainy
Added a shared condition for installed tuning parts
Partial compatibility with v2802
Partial compatibility with v2699.16
Fixed compatibility with v2699 Steam
Added headlights type
MaxMoveSpeed fixups with conditions
Added engine health type
Added bone link type
Added min/max speed and stock wheels conditions
Minor code cleanups
Added keybind hold & toggle conditions
Added toggle type
Added MaxMoveSpeed to all car state tied types
Added fuel, turbo and engine temp types
Fixed moving parts getting reset if too many cars existed at the same time
Added Speed value to oscillate type
Improved smoothing from on to off in oscillate type
Added CLEARING and NEUTRAL weathers to rain check
Added rpm move, door link and popup light types
Fixed some pool issues
Added reload cheat (reloadvehfuncs)
Replaced CondNotMet parameters with DefaultState parameters (old lines are still backwards compatible)

13Stewartc: Thanks to 13Stewartc for testing and adapting his BMW M5 to be the first car to use this mod
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