Store Weapons in Duffle Bag 1.5

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Like it says, with this mod you cant carry your weapons without DuffleBag anymore, also you can save your DuffleBag in any vehicle (it will be saved even if you leave the game)


Put WeaponCarryingWeight.dll, NAudio.dll and WCW folder in your GTA5/Scripts directory


Shift + G(default) - Take off/Put On DuffleBag;
Shift + H(default) - Put on/Take off Headset;
Shift + E(default) - Equip pistol if duffle bag in not on;
Shift + I(default) - Put on/Take off helmet;
Shift + K(default) - Mark vehicle


Possobility to change any bag models in .ini file;
Turn off/on vehicle blips or bag icon;
Assing keys;

Now if character doesnt have a dufflebag on his shoulders he cant use weapons, but he can move a little bit faster!
To obtain a DuffleBag(for the fist time you install this mod, in other cases the Vehicles will be saved) you must sit in Main Characters Standart Story line vehicles (If its Franklin you must sit in his Buffallo e.t.c..)
And press lControl key + G(default but can be customized in .ini file) to grab the bag (all your inventory weapons will be saved in this bag.but for more realism i suggest you to install PickUpWeapons mod).Once you grab it you can leave vehicle and take it off in any other vehicle (It will be saved Automatically by the License Plate Number of vehicle even when you leave the game)
Also This script let you to put on headset and take it off in any time with animation and sound (Advise you to install this >> great mod for better experience).
If you play for the MP character just press lShift + K button to mark any vehicle you like, also you can use this method on any other characters if your car will be destroyed! This mod is fully compatible with any other Save VEhicle mods like Mors Mutual Insurance - Single Player (MMI-SP) !!



- You cant use any weapons if you dont have dufflebag;
- Weapons inventory will be saved for each character;
- No you can take off duffle bag only in a vehicle (except bikes);
- You can take duffle bag back again only from the vehicle you've left it in;
- Bag status and marked vehicles (where you leave your duffle bag) will be saved even if you quit the game(Not vehicle persistence yet,but i'm working on it, so far you can use any other vehicle persistence mod to store your duffle bag status there );
-Now character will be able to put on helmet only if he has Dufflebag;


-Added blips show function on the cars that characters bag is in.
-Added option to set any vehicle as storage by pressing Shift + K (by default);


-Added option to turn on feauture to give player dufflebag automaticly on the missions (set GIVE_BAG_ON_MISSION = true in .ini file);
-Added possobility to equip pistol without duffle bag with animation and sound effects by pressing Shift + D1( digital "1" key !!! NOT NUMPAD by default.Can be customized in .ini file);
-Some script optimization and small bug fixes;


-Added New Helmet system with animation and sound effects;
-Helmets status are now individuals for each character;
(Now you have to wear Dufflebag and put on helmet and take it off manually by pressing Shift + I (by default, can be customized in .ini file) );
-Now Characters bag status are individuals and saving even after exit game;


Delete WCW folder and reAdd the new one!
-Added icon of holsted pistol and unholsted;;
-Now the Bag puts on / off on the same keys (Shift + G(default);
-MP character bug fixed; (Now it should work fine);
-Now the icon draws whether the pistol is in holster or not;
-Code optimisation;


-Added MISSION_CONFILICT function (Set it to "true" if you experience problems or conflicts with some missions (like Kill J.Norris mission);
-Improved Holster icon behaviour (Not it will be visible only if radar and hud is visible as well);
-Removed bike change pistol glitchy animation;


-Fixed bug with Michaeles bag(not it should work);


-Improved holster icon;
-Fixed PistolDraw bugs(Now can use in cover);
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