World interaction / inventory / prop control 0.35 Alpha


This mod is in early development
It allows the player to put props in inventory, place them somewhere, move them, rotate etc until theyre in the right place.


- Many props won't spawn on the ground properly (you can manually though)
- Placed props are not persistent; they will remove when the game is reloaded (theyll stay in place during your gta session though)
- Moved props respawn at their original spawn (a copy)
- The controls are quite crappy (read controls)
- The crosshair may be displaced depending on your screen resolution

The controls work a bit odd. You should always follow this scheme, or you will get bugs.

Step one: Aim (you don't need a weapon, just use the green crosshair) at the prop. If the green crosshair isn't centered properly, aim on feeling or use your weapon anyway.
Step two: When the crosshair is locked on your target (it's orange), press "Z". The prop/item is now in your "Inventory".
Step three: open the inventory with "H"
Step four: Scroll through inventory with "J"
Step 5: Hit "E" to spawn your stored prop.
Step 6: Rotate your object or move it up & down
Rotation: Use numpad / or numpad * to rotate X. Use Num1 or Num3 to rotate Z
Height Use num7 or num9 to change height.

Step 5: "N" once the prop is in the right position.

Interaction menu :
- T when aiming at entity to bring up
- O to scroll
- K to select interaction
- U to stop sitting

Please report any bugs, and keep in mind this mod is very far from perfect but has big ambitions.

Future updates (next scheduled on Friday) - In kind of chronological order
- Better UI (Show name and action) - In dev, half present in mod
- Proper inventory - Soon
- Better controls - Check
- Monetary values for all items
- A shop to buy and sell items, so you can decorate your home etc
- Persistence for spawned props
- Prevent other props from respawning
- Loads of cool stuff, like needing a lighter to turn on a campfire, working vending machines, stuff you place in the city will be taken away after a couple of days unless you get a license (buyable) to put it there
- Workbench for attaching entities

And more dreams such as
- Trading items with real players, item rarity, adding new items
- Garage sales
- Stealing props gets you wanted, stolen props on your property may sometimes get reported to cops
- Buy and own property to put your stuff on
- And on and on....

Next update will be on Friday/Saturday. I am still learning a lot so the development won't go too fast, some things may not be possible.

update log
V 0.23
- Added Interaction menu
Currently 2 items have interaction = brown chair at beach & sunshade at beach (both are in screenshot)
V 0.19
- Added inventory menu (3 items)
- Some bugfixes
V 0.11
- Crosshair changes to orange when a moveable entity is found
- Better controls + Proper get rotation, no odd jumps when setting rotation anymore
- Crosshair disabled in vehicle/combat

And finally, the installation:
Copy all poop from scripts.rar to scripts folder
Make sure you have etc

Youssef & Kamal kahbe!
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