Enumerator's Aimed Entity Hash Receiver v1

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Please consider making a small donation, I would really appreciate it if you could help me out so i can make better mods, My graphics card isn't very powerful and i'm limited by the performance

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    Have you ever got angry at taking ages to copy details from the game? Do you need to get hashes of objects quickly?

    To use this tool you'll need a loop back serialport
    You will need two of them

    Hook them up as required

    This mod is for getting hash/position/handle of props, vehicles, peds

    without storing data on your filesystem, This is to be used in conjunction with my multimod v7 You can find my multi-mod in my files.

    Once you've got them ready on your system, Set one of them to COM4
    Then set the comport to the other device with the ARHR tool here.

    Using the multimod in game, Open the menu with 'B' and press NUMPAD5 on "Connect to Serialport[DEV-USE]

    When you see the text at the bottom of the game displaying "Connected"
    You can then start using a weapon to aim at an object in game and it will send the details of the prop/ped/vehicle/airplane to this tool so you can hop out the game and use the hash code in your scripts..
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