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Introducing the RED’s dlclist AutoCompiler
(the easiest to use)


The scope of this tool here, is to simplify the way we install [Add-On] Vehicles, or [Add-On] folders in general by not taking care about our dlclist at all, caouse this mod here will do it for you.

Every single time that you will install and uninstall an [Add-On] folder, once run the .exe,

your new dlclist.xml file will be completely recompiled,

and you will find the new dlclist.xml into the same installation directory.

The Mod’s code is C++.


Did you have to reinstall your game completely and you lost everything?
Or maybe you need a faster way to install all the vehicles you need for Traffic Plus+?

With this awesome tool, you basically just need to put your [Add-On] folders into your dlcpacks directory in (Mods/update/x64/dlcpacks);

directory, go back to x64, run the .exe and your new dlclist.xml, will be ready to be installed replacing the old one (This, always in Mods/update/update.rpf/common/data);

you now don't need to write a new line in it whenever you install or uninstall something
because the entire process is automatic.

⚠️ Disclaimer:
This tool won’t affect game’s functionality in any way since it’s an external tool.


1.0_ Initial release;

1.1_ Original DLCs are now added first then modded ones, and they'll be added following the original dlcpacks folder (outside the mods folder) and so, this DLCs will be added even if they're not in the modded dlcpacks directory; also, whenever the game will release an update, this compiler will add the new dlcpacks to the dlclist automatically.
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