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  • Gtao47

    no car inside 1.3 version
    ملفات السيارة مو موجودة داخل

    21 de Gener de 2018
  • Gtao47

    very good car. thank. anyone facing no car sound and no radio like me?

    19 de Gener de 2018
  • Gtao47

    Thanks. really beautiful car and work. I hope u can fix handling in add on version bcz it has very bad acceleration!

    19 de Gener de 2018
  • Gtao47

    the car is perfect
    but I have no headlights on the ground
    only headlights color on the car when I turn it on or off

    11 de Juny de 2017
  • Gtao47

    I never post a comment to any modder here!
    even thou I thanked all of them and I really appreciate their work :)
    But this time is not like other times
    when I saw this mod I was thinking is this the mod that will kill my freezes, lagging and stuttering?!
    I was sort of scared to try it
    But after I tried it it was one of the best mods I ever used for this game!
    You know?! its the best already
    I was playing the game and some times I have to wait for more than 10 seconds when my game freezes, specially when I drive fast!
    But now all of that was gone
    Freezes and lagging are now history!
    I got even more frames
    Thank you so much for this master piece :)
    and keep it up ;)
    this is my first comment in this whole website
    I wish you the best and all GTA V modders the best
    And sorry for my English mistakes ;)

    Btw my GPU is nvidia geforce 740m
    8GB ram and Core i7

    27 de Gener de 2017