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    @chileno There's a glitch where sometimes the kart is... broken. It doesn't let me get in. It's frustrating, having to spawn in a new kart (after having the broken one upgraded as LSC) every time this happens. Any idea as to why this happens? Other than that this mod is freaking awesome BTW

    28 de Desembre de 2015
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    Never mind what my last comment said, I've sort of got it to work since then. See, it works when I'm aiming a gun, but it goes back to the restrictive standard fov when I'm just walking in first person. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    04 de Juliol de 2015
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    It doesn't work for me. If I have both dsound.dll and dinput8.dll at the same time, GTA crashes. Can I just have it set to dinput8.dll instead?

    03 de Juliol de 2015
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    I've done everything I could do to make this thing work, and it's still not working. This mod is very simple, but it looks soo fun! I have the latest version of the mod, I've reinstalled LUA, ScriptHookV, everything! A little help please? I don't have any other LUA mods btw, so it might be because I've never done this before and that I'm doing something wrong.

    01 de Juliol de 2015