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    @Danilo Carlos the car has one issue, one of the exhaust pipes does not emit smoke / backfire, can you kindly fix it, or is it impossible due to the spacing / limitations it has?

    If not possible, i would request for a custom variant with exhaust smoke / backfire disabled, or atleast if you don't mind sharing the meta file code on how to disable the exhaust smoke.

    25 de Febrer de 2019
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    Legal Copy of GTA V

    You guys will need to install, Premium Deluxe Motorsport Car Shop Mod by "I'm not mental"

    Then install this script.

    It should work now. For me it works just fine after installing both scripts together.

    16 de Novembre de 2018
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    Excellent Script. Works as showcased.

    Though a word of Warning when using this Script. I have Tested the Script multiple times and can confirm that if use a trainer like "Menyoo" and teleport to places / waypoints, And then try to save the Custom Player Model, It won't save and will be instead reverted to Default skin.

    So make sure whatever you do, Don't use teleporter options from the trainer to avoid problems.

    19 de Setembre de 2018