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    Update: ran the game with only this script installed and no other mods and the problem persists.

    09 de Maig de 2020
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    Great mod, my only issue is peds won't die when doing the surrounding peds finisher, and I end up just hitting the first ped infinitely.

    Can't figure out what mod is conflicting.

    09 de Maig de 2020
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    Thank you for making this mod, but there's a problem with modding the audio.

    OpenIV cannot recognize the oac file when dragging it in Edit mode.

    I understand that it should simply replace the audio, but instead it gave this error message:

    melee.oac(Line 1): Not supported format version, actual: "10" but expected "11".

    Luckily I found a video from OpenIV on how to replace the audio yourself for those with the same issue:

    08 de Maig de 2020
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    I will be making a remake of the teaser trailer using this model. Would be happy to see it as a featured video here. You can find a trailer I already did using the Trevor retexture on youtube. Channel name is Derog. Excited to be using this model.

    28 de Octubre de 2019
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    hey love the model, I used it to remake the joker trailer in GTA V, please consider showing it on this mod page if you like it

    26 de Octubre de 2019
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    When setting motion blur to 1 the exported video is all rainbow colored... so motion blur isn't working for me. Otherwise great mod. Looking for a fix though.

    10 de Agost de 2019