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    How exactly do I know when/if this mod is working?

    19 de Març de 2019
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    This mod seems absolutely amazing, however I have several questions that confuse me.
    Is the Arena War DLC a paid DLC or does everyone just have it?
    How do I access the contents of WOV, you say it's not working in Story Mode, but obviously it's not in online either.
    Do I need to install one of the save files provided with the download and just go play in the ''Story Mode'' section of the game?
    Your earlier comment states that ''you hazard a guess it works in storymode'' but ''it's not compatible in story mode'' That's extremely confusing to me. If I enter in Story Mode, does WOV work yes or no? If no, how precisely do I get it working? Sorry for the questions, but I'm just really confused and I REALLY want this to work.

    19 de Març de 2019