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    Looking great, definitely gonna use her in my game! By the way, here's a suggestion for a character: how about Paz from MGS: Peace Walker? I've got the model (.obj), it's pretty high quality. I'd probably download her like 10000 times to make it worth your time :D

    03 de Octubre de 2017
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    Looks great, textures seem to be very high-quality. Reminds me of that one game I loved to play back in the day called Police Force 2, though this looks much better. I'll definitely use this model when I come around creating a German emergency pack for myself! :)

    20 de Setembre de 2017
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    @gunziness Oh yeah, absolutely. Or something like this: you press a DIFFERENT button, and THEN the menu shows up telling you "Hey, there are spots here (lean on wall), here (drink coffee) and over here (be homeless). Walk up to the one you want and press the 'action' button."

    17 de Setembre de 2017
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    Well, this sure is... a unique model to use in GTA V. And I love unique models, that's why I'm gonna grab him. Say... any chance for a one more, ehh... unorthodox model request?.. There's a character from the Metal Gear saga I'd love to see in GTA V, and I can even provide a model of her to convert / port. Someone even made her for GTA: SA back in the day, but no one ported her to GTA V yet. I'm talking about a character called Paz Ortega Andrade, from MGS: Peace Walker.

    In any case, keep up the good work! :)

    17 de Setembre de 2017
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    This is a wonderful, yet somewhat flawed mod. It's wonderful for people who like to roleplay or for those who play mods like LSPDFR and want things to be authentic. You can sit anywhere, drink, eat, "use" ATMs, lean next to walls, etc while you're waiting for backup or EMS, etc. (You could do it with trainers, too, but this way is less messy and you get all the animations automatically - get in position - idle - get out of the animation sequence).

    The flawed part, however, is what is forcing me to rate it 4 stars out of 5, and it's the following: there's absolutely no indication of where the scenario spot is, which one is closer to you, nothing like that at all. Which means that every time you press the button, what your character is going to do (and where) is up to chance with no way to predict it, unless you're standing near things like chairs or ATms, in which case the probable scenario is obvious. This results in things that break immersion immediately - instead of resting up against a wall, your character may go in a completely opposite direction, walk around a building or two, find some random barrel and stands in front of it as if he was a homeless person. Which is hilarious, but probably not exactly what you've envisioned when you pressed that button.

    As soon as the author finds a way to inform the player about what action would play in this particular area (and where it's going to take place), the rating would be absolute 5 stars, a must-have mod for everyone who likes to immerse himself in the game world to the max.

    17 de Setembre de 2017
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    Okay, installed it as a package, and now it works. And, well, it's amazing, surely worth that 5 star rating I gave it. The only problem is... I kinda don't want to kill people now, because the moment I shot some random guy in the gut to test this mod out and then saw him collapse and die spitting blood in terrible seizures, I had a moment of deep realization of how terrible my character's actions are. The mod is very good though.

    06 de Setembre de 2017
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    Hmm... well, I've tried it out, and I'm not entirely sure it's working. Now, to preface this, yes, I've placed all the files exactly where they are supposed to go, yes, my version of GTA 5 is legit, and yes, it's a Steam copy, and yes, it's updated. No, there are no other mods that perform similar functions for there to be a conflict. Here's what I've noted:

    1. Nothing has changed about the regular peds - they still fall like bricks full of crap when fired upon and do nothing to protect themselves when being ran over by a vehicle.
    2. The armed peds *seem* to balance more when fired at, but even if so, the change on my end is so minimal that I'm not sure it's working at all.

    I wonder if there's a reason why the new functions are not working for me? Is there something else you need installed for it to trigger? Giving this a 5 star rating, because it's awesome in theory, and I'd love to try it out properly, but no luck so far.

    05 de Setembre de 2017
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    Гарний скін, але помилка з капотом засмучує трохи. До речі, лівреї оновили - тепер мають напис "патрульна поліція" на дверях та "patrol police" ззаду збоку. Можна оновити скін, виправити капот та відповідні написи - і буде бездоганно!

    22 de Juliol de 2017
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    This is a wonderful idea. I've just tried it out, and it works pretty well! There's one thing I would suggest you change, though. It seems like the mod forces the playermodel change every time you go on duty / receive a callout, it defaults you to the basic paramedic skin. Could you please add an option to disable this model change in future versions or add a command which allows you to go on duty without changing your skin? The reason being that some people might be willing to use their own medic models to play this mod, for instance, I'm using my own character created in EUP, and she has a custom paramedic uniform which I'd like to use with your mod.

    I can change back to my own character after I've received a callout, but it kinda kills immersion a bit :D

    Other than that, great work!

    23 de Juny de 2017
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    Wonderful! Can't wait for the black uniforms. Though I'm not French, our traffic police used to wear a rather similar type of uniform, including this kepi, and I love the belt these gendarmes have :)

    15 de Març de 2017