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    I'm using NVR and VisualV and I figured out what the issue was.

    I followed the instructions at the bottom of the ReadMe that tells you how to make them work with PRSA. However, in step 3 at the bottom it says to open timecycle_mods_2.xml, but I only have 1,3 & 4 in that directory. For some reason, between the instructions for intsalling the weather mods and the instructions for installing PRSA, certain files ended up in two different directories, the GTA V root folder and mods folder.
    For step 3 in your Readme, it says to find timecycle_mods_2.xml inside of
    Maybe I misunderstood, but it appears you meant Grand Theft Auto V/update, which is where I looked. Perhaps you meant Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update and I misunderstood. In any case, after editing the timecyle_mods_2 that is mods/update.... It finally worked outside of the pause menu.

    I wonder how many people don't realize that it's not working properly because the videos on youtube of PRSA working, the graphics look much worse then how mine currently due. Their's look like mine did when it was only activating in the pause menu.

    Example - (This is how mine looked before I got PRSA to enable).

    Here are two examples of before and it looks 100x better.

    Here's how it was looking before unpaused -

    How it would look after I paused the game (besides the obvious lighting changes, notice the geometry changes, especially the poles)

    Now how the game looks after editing timecyle_mods_2 in mods/update...
    (PRSA + VisualV)

    (PRSA + NVR)

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    21 de Octubre de 2018
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    I tried Ultra and Very High and still have the same result. =/

    21 de Octubre de 2018
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    I'm having the same problem as jasonthecartoongamer, where I can see the enb enabled in the pause menu, but as soon as I unpause, it goes back to vanilla.

    If it helps, I did not see a timecycle_mods_2 file in
    GTA V/update/update.rpf/common/data/timecycle/timecycle_mods_1.xml.

    I only in found it in the GTA V/mods/..... directory but that one did not have the "nextgen" modifier in it.

    20 de Octubre de 2018