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    @petriakosz The fix for this will be included in the next update.

    @thehappytrashcan And this is with a clean install? No other mods/scripts conflicting with RDE?

    03 de Febrer de 2024
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    @josh1k98 This happens in vanilla too, it's got nothing to do with our edits.

    25 de Gener de 2024
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    @llamaxus We don't touch player health. Do a clean install with just RDE running, and see if it still happens. Odds are it's another mod/script.

    @TylerTHendrix Make sure your SHVDN is up to date, and that you don't have conflicting mods/scripts installed.

    23 de Gener de 2024
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    Some of the edits made in visualsettings.dat result in weird visual artifacts with night lights. It's noticeable if you fly a helicopter around at night, it's like the bloom effects are blinking in and out.

    22 de Gener de 2024
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    @CT-1628 Yes, but are you running on a clean game install? Read the description, it says to do that to avoid stability issues like what you're encountering. The problem is most likely that another mod/script is unstable, and it's conflicting with rde.

    17 de Gener de 2024
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    You must've messed with the xmls. I tested myself just now, and the hunters were nowhere near as inaccurate as in your video.

    16 de Gener de 2024
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    @CT-1628 @spearrex Have you both tested the game on clean installs, as mentioned in the description? As in, installing the mod on a completely clean game install?

    15 de Gener de 2024
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    I'm using the low stiffness preset, which is meant to be more gta 4-like. However, the ragdolls still have that thing where the wrists and ankle bend at weird angles, and the limbs in general seem less natural compared to how they were in IV. Is this something that can be tweaked further by you in the xmls, or is it something more complex, like the skeleton/rigging itself?

    15 de Gener de 2024
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    @Stednjak We only use a few addon vehicles from WOV. None of the vehicles from those 3 mods are included iirc. Cass asked me to remove a couple of scenarios that he wanted to be exclusive to the full mod. There's some other minor elements that have been left out. Installing WOV first then this, then merging the popgroups would probably work fine, but I can't really provide technical support if you run into problems as a result.

    @Hellsky Thanks for reporting, I'll add it to the bug list so it can be investigated at some point. Unlikely to be soon though, as we have a number of other high-priority fixes to make.

    12 de Gener de 2024
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    @flatsixqt Ok, thanks for verifying. Any idea which mod/script was interfering?

    11 de Gener de 2024