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  • D350e6 chinguy

    yo @CruelMasterMC i dont wanna bore you but hear me out. i love this ai friend thing but i wish you didnt went through all of that and just used PlayerZero mod.

    any change of you asking that mods dev to collab? its already such a good mod and i think it would fit to this one. not even collab, just using and developing on his mod. i saw afew mods doing it on this website but with the og mods owners permission.
    Just try your luck. If he says no, fair enough. But if he says yes then that would be cool imo.

    also i would like to be an "update tester" if youre cool with that. just let me know. i would like to help.

    11 de Març de 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    @CruelMasterMC i found 2 bugs so far in 4 hours of playtime (i had alot of free time no judging)
    -Armors I buy in the menu disappear when I join a mission.
    -Settings for AI Character resets everytime when I check it (to change characters gun or making him invincible etc.).
    Also, it seems that in version 2 game crashes alot more. Or maybe its the new gta update that broke another mod idk. I just wanted to point it out too.
    Will be posting more if I find but for now thats all.

    10 de Març de 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    @CruelMasterMC do those systems get setted up in future updates or will you just leave it as it is?

    27 de Gener de 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    @llamaxus if you're on Steam, try booting the game in Offline Mode in Steam. If that doesnt work, there's a Guardian mod that streamers like DarkViperAU uses that prevents cheaters do anything in both Online and Storymode. Give it a shot if you want to.

    27 de Gener de 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    A truly nice mod. Would love to see it finished. Though I would like to point out a few things that I've came across.
    -I cannot use the phone.
    -Cash I get from killing NPCs dont add up to money.
    -Vending machines say that I dont have enough money.
    -Character menu (that opens with "M" key) could use a bit more work.
    -Character Swap mod and GTA:O Respawn mod dont get along with this mod.
    -After dying, when character gets respawned all the ammo for the guns that we have goes to max. Also after respwaning character dissapears for like half a second. When that happens Menyoo gives like a error on top left and if you use Charcter Swap mod, character defaults back to Michael. When that happens Menyoo stops responding and mod still works but with Michael instead of our character. Im not gonna add this to bugs section cuz its happens because of other mods conflicting with this one.
    -Would be cool to have a safehouse and a garage.

    Also, there are a few mods that I really do enjoy. Any chance of kinda adding them or adding a way for it work with this mod?
    These mods are really good and I think they would fit this mod.

    Just a small bug that I came around whilest playing: when in character creation, texture on the sign that our character holds gets stuck on screen. I can still navigate with selections but cant see anything. A reboot of the game fixes it.
    Thats the only game breaking bug.

    I will comment other bugs and sugestions that I found.

    Overall, such a nice mod. Will be following for updates.
    Thanks for all the effort.

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    27 de Gener de 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    whats the difference between this mod and the other mods? is this just all other mods combined or is there changes to prices, vehicles etc?

    21 de Gener de 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    @MrFoxsteil are you sure? cuz i was flying just over that military in desert and my jet got shot and exploded and that bug happened again. i do believe i was in the boundaries there.

    20 de Gener de 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    theres a bug. when player dies out in the sea or up in the sky game crashes. like generally away from any normal "spawn-anble" place whatsoever. maybe a issue with mod not being able to find any place to spawn player at? im using version 1.5 rn maybe its just in this version maybe not idk.

    20 de Gener de 2023
  • D350e6 chinguy

    Awesome mod! However, there's a few bugs and feature ideas for the next update (if you're planning to update this mod ofcourse).

    These are the bugs that i came around whilest using the mod in its lates version (1.9.1 at the moment);
    1)Sometimes bots keep shooting corpses of the hostile bots. Aspeacially bots that are in a tank tant to do this more than others.

    2)And bots that we are friends with do jump out when they try to leave the car. Even if the car is stationary, doors break and the bot jumps out of the car.

    --Feature Ideas--
    Here are some ideas for the next update. Would love to see atleast one these things in the game!

    1)Advanced friend bots.
    If we could create our own bot friend and dress em as we like and hang-out with em that would be super cool.

    2)More settings and ommands in the menu.
    I feel like this doesnt needs any explaining. More stuff = More fun.

    3)GTA:Online Like Kill and Death Messages and KillCams
    Messages like "Player A dominated Player B" or "...destroyed Player B". You know, the message we see when we die on our screen and see in killfeed when we kill someone. That would be more realistic. And a killcam would be a nice touch. I know that there are mods for that but they dont work with this mod.

    4)More Toxicity
    Lobby and phone messages from bots would be fun and be more like GTA:Online. In the mod menu we enter our name and they sometimes message using our name. Like, "Do you even try, PlayerName?" or "Is that all, PlayerName?" or things like that.

    I dont demand these things by any means. I know that this is just a small mod. I dont even know will the creator of this mod will see this or care. These are just some of the crazy ideas i got. But if these things were added that would be really nice. Would bump up the game to a new next level.

    02 de Gener de 2023