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    If you have only general speed limit - you need change street names to you language(use wiki for it).
    PullMeOver folder has Streets.xml. In this file change all streets name to you language, like in you localization.
    <Street>Paleto Blvd</Street> - in this line you mast change "Paleto Blvd" to name in you localization.
    <Street>Paleto Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Бульвар Палето</Street>
    I don't know have you localization abbreviation or no. You can check it on wiki or in game. May be localization files have this lines in game files

    23 de Maig de 2022
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    Yep. If you game language is not english - script can't check streets. Trying change streets.xml to my language

    22 de Maig de 2022
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    May be language broke street check? I have only general limit on any road. Other features work fine

    21 de Maig de 2022