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    Sorry man never mind I found the fix needed to arrive at drop off in vehicle XD XD

    29 de Novembre de 2021
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    Yo man this seems like a really cool mod but for some reason whenever I arrive at the first document delivery after producing nothing happens and I get 2 alerts:
    Unhandled exception in script "DocumentFaker"!
    NullReferenceException at DocumentFaker.DocumentFaker.endDeilvery()
    Do you know any fixes and I'm sorry if the solution is real obvious I'm pretty new to modding gta? :)

    28 de Novembre de 2021
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    Hi this is a really good mod but I'm not sure why and I have done everything in your instructions but when I load the xml files the actual tower and a fair amount of the assets don't appear. Do you know why this is happening I'm new to modding gta v by the the way?

    18 de Febrer de 2021