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    @oscar828 Banner? What the banner do You mean? Sunstip line?

    19 de Maig de 2024
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    @1seneka As it`s wrote in the description bar either in readme you put files from the archive to the one of 2 possible paths:
    \Grand Theft Auto V\MODS\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one (If You are used MODS folder)
    \Grand Theft Auto V\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one (If you overwrite the original files in main directory)

    10 de Maig de 2024
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    Keep up the update. to see how work of making the 3d model of the McLaren F1 GTR goes at the ARTSTATION

    20 de Abril de 2024
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    @Red Dead Auto @Red Dead Auto Leather jacket, as I remember, it named upper_022, anyway the jacket that present at the 1st piction of this mod, and in half it already done, look at the last pic. of this
    But as i said, curently working on my own McLaren F1, it's goes slowly, in reason to make as close as possible match bodyshell shape to original using imagemodeler to calibrate cameras from real shot of the car, there are a lot of issue that hard to handle, like f.e. residual/ precision of the cameras that calibrate shots. a lot of manual work. It probably wouldn't say anything, but I already rebuild the body shell shape maybe twenty or forty times, and may be am i a bad 3d modeller, but many of them made by handle, it's even hard to make using f.e. soft selection or ffd (free form deformation) mode.
    Also the slowing process would be probably explained by when I modeled the rim with the tire, I don't modeled just front side, that could be saw in a game, but also back side and inner layers, making a hole for nipple, making the helix in central nut and central lock in a rim, so it's not an i m trying to justify myself, but trying to explaing that this is a lot of work. Even in f.e. how the rims really constructed

    16 de Abril de 2023
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    @Red Dead Auto Sometime, no, a lot of time ago, I already done with it (converted Wei jacket) but it`s sucks, it`s look sucks. Beside this, i have in far away plans to continue the work with remodeled unzipped trevor`s default jacket. Now I spend a time on McLaren F1 it's not just convert, well i don't know when i upload next update for F1, but it would be.

    15 de Abril de 2023
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    Also You may noticed, that the huge/major part of my modifications was done for Trevor, then for Michael, and in a 3rd place for Franklin, in reason that too many stuff was done and available for Franklin, while T and M was unfair forgoten, this also a position))

    09 de Octubre de 2022
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    @notLittle Well, first of all, as i said i have more interesting thing for me, than those. In a second, i don't really want to add or do something for MP male or female, the reason is simple, all that too many modders done for mp players either as building and interiors, or cars and so on, later used in RP/ FiveM servers. And it is not so trouble while it for free, otherwise, mostly this roleplay servers have payment service. So in other words, as for me it`s not a fair, when a creater recive nothing, while some other "smart bussinesmens" used stuff of this creater to make a money, This my position.

    09 de Octubre de 2022
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    @Mrjappie241 На сколько помню, очень давно качал, нет лодов. До сих пор не добавил L1-L4? Интересуюсь, поскольку машина хорошая и хорошо сделана, отлична бы вписывалась в траффик Лос-Сантоса, как машина в потоке, а вот отсутствие лодов удручает общую картину. Но к великому сожалению, это проблема многих моддеров, главное для себя любимого все было ок)) Я про то, как игрок видит машину камера то всегда прикреплена к объекту машины не более 50 метров, зато, к примеру, когда ставишь какой-нибудь Рэндж Ровер (с кол-вом полигонов за 200К на первом лоде (L0)) в поток городского траффика, забавно наблюдать как спамиться за 50-100 метров.
    Все же к вопросу, Добавил или планируешь добавить L1-L4?

    08 de Octubre de 2022
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  • Fa60d4 img 5060 1

    @@KSRfluffyboi I'm not angry, just i said, have wish to clear some stuff. I'll try to explain why i really won't working on this Jacket with applying default Trevor's T-shirt. 1st T-shirt is individual model, so it have it own UVW`s that upload on the full uwv map (mean 1024x1024), and the same thing with this jacket, so I should exctrat t-shirt, unloced it from editable mesh, apply UVW unwrap, move and scale vertecies on the UVW map, render new map, convert model of T-shirt to editable poly (optinally, but for weld overlapping vertecies it's stongly nned to fix ugly mess on the model, while you see on it in the game), than implement it to that jacket, and after that moving to change textures acording to newest uvw-map.
    But in fact, idk really if would I it realized, currently working under unzipping Trevor's leather jacket model with adding his default t-shirt, but i have two options, first and it in half-done is the modifired vanila leather jacket, and the secnd option is that i makeing as closther as possible to original the same leather jacket but build it from zero and used vanila as sample/reference and probably with cauple janges in the origina desing of model.
    And) Also working on my own McLaren F1, in plan at least apply my bodyshell of F1 to those one that represented in my download files, but againts someone would say "that it is just convert...bla bla bla..." so i think about it.

    06 de Octubre de 2022