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  • Gtav76

    Well it is good i can't deny it but honestly, repair them in a Fuel Station? it won't interfere with the Fuel Mod for that?

    I mean, for example there are some places already added in the game for that, meaby use those places to repair it? still..

    Good mod!

    10 de Abril de 2018
  • Gtav76

    please help i replaced the wrong thing and now i can't play, could you send me the ydd file? i tought it was that.. my mistake.

    26 de Març de 2018
  • Gtav76

    @lucasvinbr what for now solved the Crash problem (so far nothing happened) is, besides of the SpawnedMemberLimit, the GangSpawn Limit.

    The base i think it was 12 (or less) still i use 5/6 (or 4) 15 spawns, less Territory (those i selected) and that's all..

    Now, Lucas about my idea...

    There are areas wich one with a Map Editor, could add like "Bunkers" or some "Outpost"

    If one choose to not wipeout the gangs, a BASE it would be great, too bad the Territories are BIG for that,

    Mount Chillad have like 3/4 places (or 2 i don't remember) to split it into 2 territories (top of the mountain & the camp close to Paleto Bay/Grapeseed for example)
    Back to territories: @Marshal313 try this: Edit the TurfZoneData (deleting all exept 1 Turf) then add those you want (on my case i didn't added those where there are already Gangs on them like Chamberlain, Davis, El Burro) at least not the Mayor Gangs of course...

    and like the Author said, reduce the Member Spawn Limit (from 30 to 15 like me or.. 20, test it)

    25 de Març de 2018
  • Gtav76

    I found something interesting:

    When you play storymode, a mission where you have the AI with you (when you control F/M or T and have 1 or more peds with you like, Lamar/Wade/Ron/etc) if the AI Gang of YOUR territory spot them, they will start shooting them, making you Fail the Missions (still you can skip missions but.. well)

    23 de Març de 2018
  • Gtav76

    @tola168 Yeah but the thing with this is... in the middle of Los Angeles, i saw Seashars or other Boats =/

    So honestly it doesn't fit... so i deleted that turf, i left Alamo Sea, because it has a little of Terrain to walk, meaby the AI spawn on the water but.. it's easy to kill them there lol

    But for the rest of the map, i placed them in parts where peds spawn, had to Delete the Energy Powerplant (Just cars go there)

    22 de Març de 2018
  • Gtav76

    Guide for Starters (Those who have 5k by Rockstar or 0$ Cash "clean start")

    5K Guide:

    1)Take 3/5 Turfs

    2)Upgrade 1/2 of them (not too much)

    3)Buy Guns (Pistol at least but again, not a lot)

    4)Upgrade your gang (Accurancy better)

    5)Defend your turfs then expand...
    Clean Start (0 Cash)

    1)Do Missions or use a Taxi to earn money

    2)Take 1 Turf

    3)Upgrade your gang with a Pistol (it's nothing i know but it's better than go with Fits only =/ )

    4)Wait time for the renevue & then choose whatever you want.

    Out of that, @lucasvinbr i have a question that's been bothering me about the Vehicles..

    Have you tried to: Take X car, Upgrade it yourself (Armor, Engine, etc) and use them for your gang? I mean, they will have the same upgraded car or.. will be a normal one?

    21 de Març de 2018
  • Gtav76

    @lucasvinbr Well about what @Tumblesteen said, i guess it doesn't apply when it comes to just Fire Weapons.

    I mean, i edited the ModOption.xml file to don't spawn some weapons but out of it.. inside the game,

    I used: Pistol (basic), SMG, Carabine Rifle & Pump Shotgun, and when my peds spawn the weapons are different, not all carry 1 of them. Even more, when i controlled a Ped (Aiming at it and pressing the J button) i saw they have the weapons i choosed (meaby not all)

    After all even if i start from ZERO (the game itself) i have the 5k cash that Rockstar gave me (thus, thanks to their updates i can't play online and had to do other things to play Offline) so... Easy can take 5 turfs (always leaving them in 0, not upgrading them) and buy a Pistol or any Fire Weapon that i can...

    Then, invest the money in the Market or just do missions, wait a little time to have more cash from the Turfs i have or.. Taxi =/

    Now when it comes about those who really start with ZERO (0 cash) well that's a problem.

    21 de Març de 2018
  • Gtav76

    Hey @lucasvinbr i been thinking, with the map Editor, one can edit the whole map of the game, but honestly i didn't see if the changes will be forever or if you have to load it everytime..

    because i have some ideas for the Mod with an Edited Map, more if one uses the OG file that uses only the vanilla gangs... if you want i will share you my idea about it.

    20 de Març de 2018
  • Gtav76

    @MaxShadow That happened to me too time ago but when i decreased the ammount of ped Spawns, it started to count again. What i learned from a Location is that, appears to be a problem when the AI comes in Vehicles (The Powerplant is an example of that, only Vehicles, no spawn points)

    And about the pawn points, there isn't exactly a Spawn Point placed in determinate location, in fact they are Random.

    The AI starts sometimes in opossite directions or in the same direction but obiously separated from each other (They can start in Front/Back Left/Right of you)

    Still when a war starts, the spawnpoint are around the Base of that Turf, even more sometimes they appear to be even OUTSIDE the Turf (if you start a war in A turf in the side where is very close to B turf, sometimes the spawnpoints will be on B side, wich isn't affected by the options, they spawn civilian vehicles, cops, etc... don't know why)

    20 de Març de 2018
  • Gtav76

    @lucasvinbr the "Circles" you mean, are those i saw in other mod of the Families/Ballas/Vagos color right?

    Well... you must have in mind that you made a Mod with other colors too to be used by the Player/AI so... you should edit them too to add the rest of the colors..

    Out of that, too bad they are only Circles isntead of rectangles or else, because the game doesn't have "Circle Turfs"

    Example are the Cypress Falls or Sandy Shores, etc if one use the Circle option, a new one who don't understand would think that they Conquered "more hood" and if it goes there well.. we know the rest but..

    But yeah that would be awesome too...

    I tried the one wich has those 3 options & gangs but honestly, yours have more.. :) you have more points in favor hehe.

    Creation of a New Gang, Income by the Conquered Turfs (Like GTA SA), Select the peds for your gang & vehicles...

    You choose, im going to still trying to see if my Turf Choices are good..

    Out of that, if i knew how to edit the base map... i would add other things too but well.. too much work to learn and do in 1 night hehe.

    19 de Març de 2018