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  • 7785a2 screenshot (114)

    yep nothing workign ..waiting on update ..even visual mods ..all none working atm

    14 de Juliol de 2019
  • 7785a2 screenshot (114)

    open handling.meta
    look for :
    <fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel value="XXX.000000" />
    In the section of the car you want to change

    change xxx value to your desired top speed i.e 160.000000

    Also change maybe the values for acceleration if you fid the car too fast :
    Fast :
    <nInitialDriveGears value="6" />
    <fInitialDriveForce value="0.320000" />
    not so fast
    <nInitialDriveGears value="3" />
    <fInitialDriveForce value="0.200000" />

    experiment with it till u like it :)

    05 de Febrer de 2017
  • 7785a2 screenshot (114)

    Sorry i might be the only one but this looks rubbish
    Eats to many frames and all this blurry shit ? WTF for ?
    why have a graphics mod if all u can ses is 10 meters around the car u drive ?
    So , Iam sorry i dont see the point at all.
    But then again its only my 2 cent so dont worry bout it :)

    04 de Febrer de 2017
  • 7785a2 screenshot (114)

    Look at the Date and NO it doesnt matter org or stolen gta it Just doesnt work becasue it is too old and never gets updated ?
    dont bother .
    If Guadmaz doesnt update nor care about it ? dotn dload it

    Just use a trainer to mod the cars who needs the shop ?

    04 de Febrer de 2017
  • 7785a2 screenshot (114)

    "Very accurate description of the mod's issues, and i may add that the spawned vehicles are sometimes very modified, like with spoilers, turbo, best engine, etc."

    This would be terrible I would have to stop using it . Some addon cars ...dont have mods
    and will lead to all sorts of problems (crashes) Same issue kinda as with replacement cars without mods . So plz dont add tuning to this ...keep it simple ...

    26 de Gener de 2017
  • 7785a2 screenshot (114)

    I kinda agree , the ai drives to aggressive and fast

    DrivingStyle=786603 is set to normal but they drive aggressive
    I set
    but they dont drive 20 ..more like 50 :)
    wait time set to 50 at LESAT !! otherwise too many spawn ..looks silly in the desert with 5 supercars spawned

    And still they spawn soemtimes in fron of me

    BUT BUT BUT this is the best mod by FAR to get DLC in traffic
    I dont even bother with any other

    26 de Gener de 2017
  • 7785a2 screenshot (114)

    @ThedrivingDew mmhhh maybe but still why does noone else seem to have the issue after big January update all car lods are not working ? all worked before fine least on the cars i had installed ..
    Never-mind ...i removed all cars ...except 2 that are working ?
    I don't understand how no one is moaning about this
    seems like i am the only person where this happened ? New Cars are released daily and no one seems to have the lod issue !?
    Its definitely Rockstar. They done something ... as I said sit in car LOD works
    AI drives lod doesn't . I even made a brand new install copy all files from vanilla and still no car can be installed .Not one . On all cars the wheels dissappear after 50 to 100 meters

    26 de Gener de 2017
  • 7785a2 screenshot (114)

    NO it removes nothing....
    I was only saying that the lods on this mod here are excellent and work over multiple blocks ...
    Soemthign the other mod authors should look at because its missing

    21 de Gener de 2017
  • 7785a2 screenshot (114)

    Yep...nice job Vlad . I looked myself and they never edit all the LOD files. Usually only the once inside the directory they are working on
    but lods for view from up high and 2 blocks away (i.e Heli) ? they never edit so from 2 or 3 blocks away ALL the billboard lods are screwed .

    21 de Gener de 2017
  • 7785a2 screenshot (114)

    Great JOB! Love it

    maybe u can talk to "Real Posters, Graffiti And Tags for LA 2.5" and "Sprunk BBoard to coke mod (V2 Final)" dude and let them know how to make the lod work so it works form far away as well ...the CocaCola board only does 300 meters or so, in a heli it still changes to vanilla . Also the Advertising boards and graffiti disappears, but your Hollywood sign doesnt ...Great Job

    21 de Gener de 2017