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    You should make a battle royale like PUBG gamemode fr fr !

    07 de Febrer de 2022
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    I can't get it to spawn in FiveM

    11 de Desembre de 2021
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    So I am no way in correlation with @Carrythxd but I have a solution that works with the current update as of Sep. 30th 2021, and will probably still work. It involves manually adding the cars to the dlclist.xml. These are the steps that worked for me:
    1. you have to turn the change the extensions of all the .oiv to a .zip file. It will work if you change it
    2. Next is to open each newly created .zip files and each one should have a folder called content, open that folder.
    3. Now in each one there will be a different folder like "dw_sa", "dw_fo", "dw_m", etc.(just the folders with dw_ in the front) take those folders and put it into mods/update/x64/dlcpacks you should see all of your available dlc's in there.
    4. Then once all of the dw_folders are in the dlcpacks folder, open IV and go to mod/update/update.rpf/common/data and right click on "dlclist.xml" and press edit.
    5. Go to the bottom of the lists and add the all dw_ folder names in seperate lines using the same format as the other lines with dlcpacks in them. Example: "< Item>dlcpacks:/dw_sa/< /Item>"
    Like I said I'm not the creator nor a developer for this, but I found a workaround that works with the current patches and future patches. I also know an awesome way to incorporate this vehicles into LSPDFR! If you have problems you can message me on Discord: RonAThon#6273 or Telegram: @MoreRonn. Thanks for joining my Ted talk!

    01 de Octubre de 2021
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    @Carrythxd I don't see it include modern cars, classic cars, fictional cars, and foreign cars

    25 de Setembre de 2020
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    Hello, can I get a full list of all the cars added. The list provides alot of car names/models but does not include alot of them.

    25 de Setembre de 2020