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  • Bugstars2

    Updated to 1.0.3
    CONSUMPTION MULTIPLIER is now working again. You can customize it from the FuelScript.ini.

    Fa 2 hores
  • Bugstars2

    CONSUMPTION MULTIPLIER temporarily disabled in v1.0.2 due to errors. Will be addressed later.

    Fa 22 hores
  • Bugstars2
    Comentari ancorat

    NEW UPDATE 2021!

    If you where using any previous versions please delete the "FuelScriptV.lua" from the "scripts\addins\" folder. It's incompatible and might cause conflicts.

    Completely rewritten the code from scratch. New version features many new additions (mentioned in the description) while keeping the simplicity that made this mod popular.
    Feel free to report any bugs in the comments.

    Fa 23 hores
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    Comentari ancorat

    What's new in 1.2:
    - Updated to the latest Script Hook versions
    - Filling the Grain Trailer is now more "realistic"
    - Selling crops now shows the correct amount of earnings
    - Field now loads properly
    - Changed the field markers
    - Other bug fixes and improvements

    01 de Juny de 2021
  • Bugstars2

    Added "Known Issues" on description. If you found a way to fix some of them you can contact me on gta forums or with a comment here.

    22 de Octubre de 2018
  • Bugstars2

    @Cyron43 dispreading markers is a known issue. Press insert to reload your scripts and they should appear again, but you will have to buy the seeds again.
    The ini file stores only the purchased field for now.

    18 de Octubre de 2018
  • Bugstars2

    @Evora thanks for your support. great video too. featured

    09 de Octubre de 2018
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    Comentari ancorat

    What's New in 1.3:
    - Changed controller combination controls to [RightBumper + LeftBumper]
    - You can also stand up if you press jump or sprint

    05 de Octubre de 2018
  • Bugstars2

    @cammyb also try the "Script Hook V .NET" version 2.10.6 to see if it works. And what game version do you have?

    05 de Octubre de 2018
  • Bugstars2

    @cammyb it works fine to me. But I will test it again. Other users also reporting that it works fine.
    Do you have the latest Script Hook V, Script Hook V .NET and NativeUI 1.7 installed?

    05 de Octubre de 2018