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  • D79fad photo(2)

    Sorry for answering late :(
    Didn't even find time to work on the mod in any way :(
    I don't really know... Have you tried using just my mod?
    If so, does the error still persist? :o

    08 de Maig de 2018
  • D79fad photo(2)

    @Exo 401
    That's a great idea :D
    Thanks for pointing that out, now I need to find out how to let THOSE sounds play :)

    01 de Març de 2018
  • D79fad photo(2)

    @Exo 401
    The mod is "undead" now ;)
    Progress can be viewed here:

    1) I remember this mod, played it too, was a lot of fun seeing those things like feeding off of the... dead... I can try to add something like that :D

    2) Possibly, I'll see if there is a way to add a way to set certain models in the .xml file :)
    But I can't promise anything on that :/

    3) About the MK2 weapons, yes, there will be a way, in the next update :D
    Got annoyed by it myself just as I started the mod recently again xD

    03 de Febrer de 2018
  • D79fad photo(2)

    @Exo 401
    Still trying to figure out how to make sounds play (I'd like some 3D and distance fading for that) :)

    As of now, you can't, in a future update most probably :/

    This is what they should do :/
    Dunno what could have gone wrong there :|

    02 de Febrer de 2018
  • D79fad photo(2)

    Not in the near future I guess :/

    Yes, sadly... but not forever :)

    31 de Agost de 2017
  • D79fad photo(2)

    In a future release :)

    A fix would be changing something through OpenIV, I am not sure what but the answer is on
    (More peds attack then, the game locks the amount of peds who are able to attack at once)
    Again not spawning... I'll become crazy when I have to fix this again xD

    Q: When will the next version be released? :)
    A: Taking a break right now and concentrating on another project (nothing to do with GTA or another game) :)

    Yeah, this is the script crashing at this very moment, I don't know what could cause this behaviour but I will look into this in the future :)
    And with the Simple Zombies thing, I would need to create my own Zombie Entity to make it work correctly and I am not that skilled in programming :/
    One day maybe :)

    Might be that the area isn't populated as much, otherwise I don't know what could go wrong there :/

    To everyone reading this:
    You might have noticed (from my answer to LavtusPudge) that I am working on another project which has nothing to do with GTA or any other game. :)
    It's something big and I don't want to miss any oppertunity to work on this. :D
    I am very very sorry for letting all of you down like this. :(
    But I hope you understand that this is one of the most important things to me. :)
    This is no "Good bye." or such a thing, it's just a notice that I will leave GTA Modding behind for a while now... again. :/
    But I hope you all have fun with this mod in it's current state and other mods of course :D

    29 de Juliol de 2017
  • D79fad photo(2)

    It definitely will take some time depends on the zone you are in, a zone like Mission Row (the police station near the bridge to La Mesa (or LS Customs) on the side of Los Santos City) just needs 7 zombies to activate phase two :)
    It's all done with a random chance when one actually spawns, so the time it takes may differ for every time you start in the same area :D

    19 de Juliol de 2017
  • D79fad photo(2)

    Q: (Google translated) Still noticed that when you turn on the survival mode after a while the game gives an error so I can not understand what causes it
    A: ._. ... I'll have a look ._.

    Q: (Google translated) And add a function to disable military :)
    A: I knew this would come :D. Will add a setting :)

    19 de Juliol de 2017
  • D79fad photo(2)

    Do you mean loot crates? (Will work on those) :D
    Because for now you can loot stores :)

    Q: Hello :) you can do in contagium mode in the first phase and in the second one so that zombies attack everyone in a row? And also noticed that the zombies are standing still when you turn on the mode so that they attack all, too, please correct :) your mod is the best! :)
    (Google translated, original above)

    A: This is going to be a tough task :/
    I'll have to do some research on how to do it so that zombies attack everyone at once, maybe have a "boss zombie" per "horde" that leads them to a target :)
    The standing still is a result of the melee cap of the game (3 at once per person)
    And thanks for saying it's the best :D
    (Google translates to:
    Это будет непростая задача: /
    Мне нужно будет провести некоторое исследование о том, как это сделать, чтобы зомби сразу атаковали всех, возможно, «зовут босса» за «орду», которая ведет их к цели :)
    Стояние остается результатом рукопашного боя в игре (3 раза на человека)
    И спасибо за то, что он самый лучший :D)

    18 de Juliol de 2017
  • D79fad photo(2)

    Thanks for staying with me :D
    And thanks for these nice words :)

    17 de Juliol de 2017