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    Usually a very great mod,but unpacking the newest mod version with winrar enabled my antivirus, telling me that it found a trojan. You might wanna look into this.

    28 de Juny de 2021
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    Amazing mod with a great details. Since the 3.0 update the mod looks even better than before. The only thing that I would consider a downside are some of the blood pools, they look a bit too smudged (I won't take away a star for that however, since the rest of the mod is still absolutely impressive). I hope this mod keeps receiving updates, I can't wait to see it evolve more!

    26 de Febrer de 2021
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    @midnight_kr3w Did you make a backup of your "mods" folder? If not you have to uninstall the mods folder and create a new one. To avoid that problem next time:

    1. If you want to test a mod which you don't know about wanting to keep it, create a copy of your mods folder before installing the oiv file of the mod you are about to install.

    2. If there is only one mod in your folder, simply delete the "mods" folder and create a new one in the GTA V main directory.

    03 de Abril de 2020
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    Thought this mod was good for playing with friends, but there is no good description on how to do shit.

    19 de Gener de 2020
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    Scripthook has worked perfectly fine until the recent update, I installed the new version, refreshed the update file in OpenIV but now when I start the game it shows a pop-up: "An Instance of GTAV is already running". I closed the Launcher via Task Manager and restarted my PC but when opening the game again it just shows the pop-up again. Can somebody help me with this? Other than that, great application.

    17 de Desembre de 2019