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    "Dozens and dozens"... Hundreds actually... Even the Rockstar dev don't know how to handle this shit since how bad the reactions are in GTA V and RDR 2 compared to MP3. Maybe it has something to do with them selling the Euphoria licence to a tier between MP3 and GTAV releases. They got it back for GTA VI, hopefully they'll focus on the euphoria and make something real great.

    21 de Febrer de 2023
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    @koreabank Hi. Not bad. But far from being good. The reactions are stiff and glitched. Not saying this to be rude. There is not a single GTA V euphoria mod which actually really transform the vanilla shitty reactions.
    I am trying to mod the euphoria myself for years and I know how difficult it is. Anyway, I can tell you the vast majority of the MP3 tasks/parameters/variables/etc you imported in your physicstask just doesn't work. They are not recognized by the engine. Also, some variables have a lot of impacts on the reactions, you just can't drop stuff in the physicstask and hope it will render well. Again, really not saying this to be rude, saying this to help because you seems to spend a lot of time on this and want to make something real good.
    Also, I managed to get some really smooth reactions by importing the MP3 parameters (and converting them, meaning you have to compare every variable between GTA V en MP 3 files and figure out how to translate them). Resulting in a very little file (with no weapons parameters for example and paramset reduced to base and maybe headshot) but with reactions actually closer to MP3 reactions than any mods you can find ou there. I don't have the file anymore though and I don't have the courage to continue modding this thing. Just saying to point out I really think GREAT reactions are achievable, but that would require dozens and dozens of hours of work and testing and real understanding of how the engine work. But no one achieved that so far, after 10 years, sadly.
    Good luck!

    21 de Febrer de 2023