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  • 3773a9 reszie

    Yes, that's correct. It's actually quite simple. All you need to do is copy and paste another car, most likely this one. Then, you just need to replace all the files that Liberty provided and change the name inside the content.xml and setup2.xml files within the dlc.rpf. Alternatively, the last option is that I can upload the file here. LOL!

    23 de Juny de 2023
  • 3773a9 reszie

    will it disappear? 💀

    22 de Juny de 2023
  • 3773a9 reszie

    @MuAlH ngl, I got mine for free from liberty website months ago, I didn't even know U have to pay for it lol

    16 de Maig de 2023
  • 3773a9 reszie

    If its crashing your game, just open up content.xml inside the dlc.rpf and remove these 2 lines -->
    1. --> <Item>
    <overlay value="false" />
    <disabled value="true" />
    <persistent value="true" />

    2. -->> <Item>dlc_bigote:/%PLATFORM%/vehiclemods/evowheel_mods.rpf</Item>

    and finally open up extratitleupdatedata inside update.rpf/xommon/data - add this ->
    <Item type="SExtraTitleUpdateMount">

    you should be good and enjoy

    02 de Maig de 2023