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  • 44831a shiron lick

    Oh my god! This thing looks awesome!

    20 de Desembre de 2021
  • 44831a shiron lick

    @Palm Tree Forum It's a server centered around transportation and logicstics, such as trucking, piloting, bus driving and train conducting. Sort of like a transport tycoon-type thing.
    Players are able to operate trains in a multiplayer environment, and progressively unlock better and/or longer trains as they level up.
    An aspect we're re-working is the train loadout, in which we're looking for "new" models to add, but unfortunately most of the older train models no longer work with the client.

    16 de Març de 2019
  • 44831a shiron lick

    Hey there!
    I was trying to load some of the models (trains specifically) into FiveM, but they're being rejected as they contain invalid data. Usually this can be resolved by re-exporting the vehicle models with an up-to-date exporter.
    Is it possible for you (or whoever is responsible for the models) to do this?
    And secondly, (since you're requiring for permission for this), would I be able to use this train for my FiveM server?

    10 de Març de 2019