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    "test8" version log 1:

    - 5-10 FPS diff 20/30 vs 5/5 standing still, not near players
    (7 player server)

    **Tele spawn bug:

    It still happens, i was in Vinewood Poppy, 5* wanted,
    teled to somewhere else, they are still 4 cops there,
    it was a 1.74km away from Vinewood Poppy.

    5/5, asked a Player for cops, he saw 3

    Saw 1 cop visible from other Player

    Generally FPS in 50-60s w/ 5*

    Saw dip to 20s-30s in passenger with 2 players,
    near Strawberry Hospital near Bennys Bridge

    **Hood Safari:
    Tele to Denise house, Player's in the van, but Chop was
    floating above the car, Entering back seat, Chop died.

    CJ house fight, mostly saw Local Ballads, only saw 1-2 synced

    Dis-re-con spawned 2 ballad sometimes but not always.

    Only saw Lamar 2 times.

    Cant see a Player on the map, marked "Destination"
    but occasionally saw him chatting

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    "test7" version log 2:


    Veh bug:
    I hit a player in a plane, it exploded but he could still fly it
    (The model is broken, no wings) Until the model is burnt

    Saw him tried to spawn and getting in another plane but he was just

    1/1, asked player if he can see my cops, he said cant

    5/5, now he said yes

    Saw repeated exploding Boeing plane in LS airport
    and my game crashed (No logged info)

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    @oldnapalm "test7" version log 2:

    Fresh re-load 5/5 near 1 Player, 5 wanted, 10 cops, 2 helis
    FPS in mid 40 to mid 50

    !!Although important bug!!

    Before this, i was in another place, teled away from it to
    this player, There are still 3 cop peds in that previous place.
    (3 swats, teleing to them, they will fight u)

    5/5, 5 wanted, near 3 players, 4 cops, near CJ house, FPS in mid 30
    at times, to 40s

    Near Simeon, Northern intersec to towards Union Depotd

    40 fps, they arent next to me, 7 cops, 12 cops, 2 helis

    hi 30 to 40, near 3 players, 5 wanted, 10 cops, 2 helis

    Invisible car/bike still showed up

    0/0 got hi 40s, but there were some action too as Players
    were exploding cars, but still FPS stay same at 49-51
    (11 cops, 2 helis)

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    "test7" version log 1:

    Default 20/30: FPS 20-40 near idling Player, with 2nd
    Player coming in with bunch of cops

    5/5 near 1 Player, in Hospital, only saw 1 cop in 1 car

    5/5, near 1 player, 5 wanted level, about 10 cops, FPS in low 30

    Teled away from him, but there were 2 cops in his location still
    when i teled back to him (Note 1)

    Strip club intersec, about 10 cops on ground, 2 helis, FPS in hi 30
    to 40

    The Cop ped of the guy who tele to in (Note 1), still appeared on radar.

    I was near Tranny bar with 2 guys, it had a few cops, i teled to
    Rockford Hospital, there were still 5 cops in that place

    Hospital had 13-15 peds on ground, 2 helis, FPS in mid 30

    Teled from Hospital to CJ street, 3 cops are still on radar in the

    Army base, 2 players near, from 5/5 to 1/1 got about 8-10 fps gain
    (35 to 45) There were about 17-18 Military peds

    Sandy shore hospital, 2 players, about 11 ground cops, 2 helis,
    FPS was in mid 30; upped to 50 when a player disconnected

    Saw an MP male with brown hair instead of green hair. Weird as
    i asked a different player with green hair, he said his hair
    was brown.

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    An idea for "Dupes peds":

    Some of these duped NPCs are classified as a code like: "Scenarios" (s_f) or "Story Scenarios" (u_f) or "Story" (ig_) or have specific model code like:
    Example :
    s_f_y_bartender_01 (Strip Club Bartender, duped)
    ig_wade (Wade in strip club or in missions)
    mp_m_shopkeep_01 (Convenient Store clerk) Specific code (it is labeled MP despite existing in SP)
    So maybe if they can be "tracked" so that only 1 version is visible (Like removing the sync dupe via model name for example)

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    "test5" version log 1:
    Testing 5 due to test6 disconnecting, unable to pause/re-load game
    Airport, 3 players around, Repeated Plane crashing, then the game
    crashed. FPS was about 40-50s at first then 30 then it crashed
    Some player got about 20-30 synced at that time.

    Luxury Heli can't get u in as passenger, you will just hijack
    the driver, also same with Bikes

    1/1, Airport, FPS now in 90s

    Tried 100 and 1 Ped limit, with a Player, he said he couldnt see Cops from
    my world in Vinewood

    Tested with another player Paleto, his sync was 3/20, so he might see
    about 3 peds? Asked him but he only said "some"

    fa 2 dies
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    "test6" version log 1:
    Default 20/30:
    -70 FPS diff, Server with 12 players, a Player nearby got 9/20 while
    mine is 31/20, FPS in 30-40
    - Vinewood Poppy Intersec, FPS in mid 40
    - Lil Seoul, Franklin Agency, FPS in hi 20 to 30, 66 NPCS total, mine
    was 31/21, at some point 2 players got about 10-12 ped

    - LSC (Los Santos), 3 players near, 7 me, 22/19,30/20,10/19,30/20
    for 3-4 others, FPS in 20s

    - Weirdly, then the Mod just disconnected and pressing F9 didnt
    show the menu, i cant pause either.

    Changed to 1/1: FPS diff -25 FPS same server about 9-10 players,

    FPS near Player was in 50s,

    Asked 1 player, he said he saw 1 cop from my World.

    Mod disconnected again, i dont know why

    I got these in the ScriptHookLog:
    [ERROR] Caught fatal unhandled exception:
    System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
    at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException(ExceptionResource resource)
    at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Enumerator.MoveNext()
    at System.Linq.Enumerable.Count[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2 predicate)
    at RageCoop.Client.PlayerList.Update()
    at RageCoop.Client.PlayerList.Tick()
    at RageCoop.Client.Main.OnTick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at System.EventHandler.Invoke(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at SHVDN.Script.DoTick()
    [ERROR] The exception was thrown while executing the script RageCoop.Client.Main.
    [WARNING] Aborted script RageCoop.Client.Main.
    at System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()
    at System.Threading.Thread.Abort()
    at SHVDN.Script.Abort()
    at SHVDN.Script.DoTick()
    at SHVDN.Script.MainLoop()

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    Idea for "Invisible Synced 3 Main Characters":
    Have some suggestions as substitute models for 3 main characters (for synced NPCS only, non-Player), (instead of being invisible), any out of these will do:
    Substitute for 3 main players:


    s_m_m_movprem_01 (or cs_movpremmale if "s_m_m" doesnt Work)



    Why is it that if the Ped limit is 10-15, other Players can see 2-3 peds, 30 they can see about 5-6. So what happened to the other 25 (or 8-12) Peds, are they redundant? (If the Ped Limit could be exact like 10 ped lim = 10 ped shown, it would be interesting to see what would happen)

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    An idea:
    A dynamic limit like: you will have 0/0 with no one around X radius but
    near a Player you might have 10/20 or 20/30? with (say 20 or 30 limit set)

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    "test4" version log 2:
    Tested 1/30 (veh/ped), with 2 players, they can see about 5-6 cops and 6-7 cars
    Not tested on Missions

    1/30 was in 30 FPS so i set it to 1/1, dis-re-con FPS upped to hi 40-50s

    20/30, with another Player (1st) fighting cops, he said he could see Heli in his world
    but not me and 1 more player (2nd)

    100/100, now i can see cops from 1st Player POV, few cops and 1-2 helis

    100/100,Disabled traffic, Vinewood Poppy Intersection, i can see
    1-2 cars from other Player POV but some of them are invisible, saw some
    walking peds too

    Hosting Paleto, player said he can only see me standing, dis-re-con
    refresh that

    100/100 sometimes the Other Player can't see my NPCs, Despite enabling
    traffic, during Union Depository

    fa 2 dies