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  • Fe0de0 profile pic gaming fixed

    I had waaaayyy more fun with this mod than I originally thought I would! Brought back a lot of memories! IDK why people are complaining that the car sits to low and won't go over curbs, it's a lowrider, just activate the hydraulics, raise the car and it magically can go over pretty much every curb no problem... 😅

    13 de Octubre de 2021
  • Fe0de0 profile pic gaming fixed

    Idk why people are being so nasty and negative towards you and this model. It's damn near perfect! I didn't notice any "game breaking" bugs or any major missing details like others say they did. Handling feels exactly how you'd expect a 60+ year old car to handle. It's a classic land yacht and it handles like one, it's not a brand new GT-500 or Z-28 that can take a corner at 100+mph people! Anyway, thank you for putting so much time and effort into this and then providing it for free. Keep up the good work my dude!

    21 de Agost de 2021
  • Fe0de0 profile pic gaming fixed

    @Midnigh7Rider IRL the top speed of the Hellcat Widebody is 203mph, that's why I listed it as just better handling and not a realistic handling mod. I wanted handling that scaled to the rest of the cars in game but was still fun to drive and slide around. With the default handling included in the original mod I couldn't get the car to slide around at all and it wasn't very quick in a straight line either so I decided to try and fix those issues and this was the result. IMO 200mph in GTA isn't legit at all, it's extremely hard to control the car and non of the roads are really straight enough to keep the speed going and usually just ends up resulting in a spectacular crash 😂

    09 de Novembre de 2020
  • Fe0de0 profile pic gaming fixed

    Opps! Looks like I was a dumb dumb and accidently uploaded the vehicle.meta instead of the handling.meta... Please make sure you download v1.0 fixed!

    05 de Novembre de 2020
  • Fe0de0 profile pic gaming fixed

    I know everyone is gonna complain because it's not a Mustang it's an SUV but this is a very well done model. I couldn't find anything really wrong with it. It has a great interior with working speedometer, the lighting all works on the car and there is already a really good realistic handling line out for it. Definitely one of the best models I've checked out lately.
    Video showing it off can be found here!

    22 de Octubre de 2020
  • Fe0de0 profile pic gaming fixed

    I absolutely love the way this car looks! The only thing I didn't care for was the handling. The handling line that the car comes with has the car as AWD and irl the car is rear wheel drive only. Other than that it's a fantastic model with really nice extra parts and liveries!

    08 de Octubre de 2020
  • Fe0de0 profile pic gaming fixed

    This is my favorite model I have ever used for the FBI2 slot! Absolutely amazing work! You have no clue how long I have been looking for/waiting for a Suburban that used ELS. I like the Tahoe's but I like the overall size of the Suburban a lot better. Can't wait till see it without a rambar. Keep up the good work!

    03 de Febrer de 2018
  • Fe0de0 profile pic gaming fixed

    @HOKAGE228 how did you fix it? I have been trying to get it to work again but nothing seems to work.

    27 de Abril de 2017